Equip Your Manufacturing Colleagues With These 3 Products

Equip Your Manufacturing Colleagues With These 3 Products

Like many industries, manufacturing is a constantly evolving sector, which is why it is vital to be up to date with products that will be useful in the workspace. Whether you’re a procurement manager or production manager looking for a way to better equip your colleagues, we have you covered with a few products to fit right into your staffing needs. Keep reading to learn how these products can be useful to you and your company. 

If you’re in the healthcare manufacturing industry, heart badge reels or a customized badge reel could make for an eye-catching gift. These are convenient to keep your ID cards close at hand but out of the way while working, since the card will snap back into place with the retractable cord. With various fun prints, you have a selection to choose from, making them useful for any fundraisers or charity walks your team participates in. There are badge reels and badge holders for everyone. Finding one that expresses your character will allow your colleagues’ personality to be the star of the wardrobe and ensure they are seen as employees who care about their job position. 



You can take our lanyards and customize them to represent your company and give a sophisticated look. Not only that, but ID lanyards are also intended to determine one another's identity instantly. There comes a point in the lifespan of any organization when it endures massive growth, making it harder to distinguish each other. Colleagues can be busily working away next to somebody and not know who they are. ID holders help diminish this confusion by providing a clear indication of who people are and where they are from. It doesn't matter what department they call home or whether they're just visiting for the day; staff gets instant peace of mind by having a lanyard around their neck, and colleagues know everything they need to know.



Badge buddies are convenient when dealing with an industry where proper identification is vital. You can mount a badge buddy with a strap clip to the original badge or card for a complete ID solution. Badge buddies can have other valuable roles to play as well. Choose from our array of colors to identify different departments' roles for easy recognition. Many manufacturing companies use custom badge buddies to identify contractors, foremen, visitors, and other employees at a glance. These badge buddies can have added benefits like an OSHA slogan printed on them for the employees to have a quick reference. Using custom printed badge buddies can give a further reaching effect for patient awareness and employee awareness of regulations, codes, and slogans.


Our mission at Specialist ID is to equip your business with all the tools and accessories necessary to improve organization and workflow. We know that continuous improvement can aid performance levels and therefore could benefit from our products. Head to our website to browse our items listed above or find something new.

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