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3 Ways To Customize Your Employee Badge Reel

Almost every workplace requires its workers to visibly display their credentials. The accessories used to keep our essential identification at the ready can get boring. Fortunately, there are ways to add some style to your everyday look. To get away from the monotony, here are three ways you can customize your badge reel

Your Company Logo

Having your logo on a badge reel is a great way to represent and promote your company even when you are outside of the workplace. This customization quickly identifies you as part of an organization, which is especially useful when recruiting new employees or attending conferences with multiple organizations present. You can easily customize online by uploading your logo. It will then be printed onto a badge reel of your choice, and you will receive a proof before it is finalized. If you have any questions about the process, reach out to our specialists.

Choose Your Style

Another great way to customize your badge reel is by choosing the style and features. There are a few types of reels to choose from:

  • Round: This is the most traditional and popular style. It has clothing attachment options, no-twist options, and more.
  • Square: This style has the same functionality as a round reel, but it offers a more unique shape and flatter dimensions. 
  • Heart: This is a cute, fun way to add some personality to your uniform.
  • Carabiner: One of the most useful tools, the carabiner features a carabiner clip and snap closure to easily attach onto a belt, book bag, backpack, toolbox, or utility belt.
  • Heavy duty: This reel is built to last and can handle substantial damage. It offers a variety of durable reel materials to carry up to ten ounces of equipment.

After picking the type of reel you love, you can choose the style and features it will come with. Choose from translucent colors, breakaway features, end fitting options, and so much more! The combination of choices for your ideal reel is vast, and you can find something to match your style.

Add A Pen Holder

Often seen as an underrated feature, having a pen holder can provide a lot of convenience to your everyday life. If you are always on the go and need to keep tabs on your tasks, you will never have to worry about being empty handed. Never lose your pen or pencil while moving to an off-site location or taking notes during meetings with supervisors or clients. When you have a retractable pen holder, you will always have a pen on your person. It will stay with you while you go throughout your normal work day. You can clip this holder to your shirt, pants, purse, or wherever it will be most convenient.

Translucent Blue Translucent Retractable Badge Reel with Non-Swivel Spring Clip (P/N 2120-473X) 2120-4732

Adding some personality to your daily attire is easy and fun. If you need assistance with selecting the perfect badge reel for your business, Specialist ID is here for you. Take a look at our inventory of badge reels, badge holders, and whatever else you may need.
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