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6 Essentials To Gift Future Teachers for Future Teachers Of America Day

Teachers are tasked with guiding and instructing our children and promoting their future success, a position that is not always a walk in the park. Return the favor in celebration of Future Teachers of America Day! Specialist ID has all the appropriate gifts to honor that special future teacher in your life. From classroom equipment to personal items, Specialist ID has the stock to supply your favorite future teacher with all the tools they need to succeed. 

1- School Hall Pass Lanyards With Unbreakable Card Passes - 6 Pack Set

These hall pass lanyards bring organization and color to the classroom. Waterproof through lamination, this long-lasting product provides a fun and sanitary way to keep track of class movement. As important members of the classroom, these hall passes will give your future teacher more confidence when guiding their students. 



2- Anti-Bullying ½” Blue Silicone Wristband

We all know one of the leading issues within school communities is the prevalence of bullying and harassment between students. Help your favorite future teacher stand up to bullying and open the conversation with this anti-bullying silicone wristband


3- Custom Printed Badge Buddy Vertical

Nothing brightens your day like a personalized message on an object you use every day. The two-line design of this vertical badge buddy gives you space to write a message to your special teacher. Gift them the motivation and encouragement they need to not only get through the school day but the school year. 

badge buddies

4- COVID-19 Vaccinated Breakaway Lanyard & Horizontal Vinyl 4x3 Badge Holder

This breakaway lanyard protects your neck while informing students and staff of the wearer’s vaccination status. In addition, the lanyard can attach to ID badges or cards to allow for easy access as teachers move around the school and classroom. Promote the safe vaccination of educational staff by supplying your future teacher with an object that communicates their status with this product. 


breakaway lanyard

5- Patriotic Heart Flag Badge Reel with Belt Clip

This patriotic heart badge reel honors country and functionality as it connects ID badges to clothing so the wearer never has to worry about losing their ID cards. Your future teacher will thank you for the patriotic reminder that connects them to their ID cards and emboldens them in their commitment to teaching American students. 


6- USA Made Adjustable Face Mask Lanyard - Woven Nylon Neck Hanger & Ear Saver with 2 Bulldog Clips

Much like the patriotic badge reel, this product uses its American pattern to connect the wearer to their valuable items, in this case, their mask. The adjustable face mask lanyard allows the wearer to snugly fit their mask over their mouth and nose securely. Give your future teacher the gift of comfortable protection as they enter the classroom.   



With these helpful and fun products, your favorite future American teacher is sure to shine in their new profession. Provide them with the confidence and the supplies they need to succeed with the help of Specialist ID

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