Going To a Fall Festival? Here are 3 Lanyards Your Family Needs To Try

Going To a Fall Festival? Here are 3 Lanyards Your Family Needs To Try

‘Tis the fall season! Now is the time to embrace the autumnal weather, watch parades, enjoy live music, and attend festivals—a lot of them.

Fall is the season of festivals: Harvest festivals, Oktoberfests, lumberjack festivals, pumpkin patch festivals, and many more happening around the country. With so many family- and pet-friendly celebrations, it’s important to ensure you and your loved ones stay safe. Before you join in on the fun, here are three lanyards your family should try this festival season.

1. Reflective Lanyards

Most festivals have spectacular events and light shows that come to life at night. However, this is also when family members can easily get lost in the crowd and separated from others. Even with all of the lights, locating someone in a busy environment can still be difficult. 

The value of safety is of the utmost importance. Our Reflective “Safety First” Neck Lanyard ensures that you can see every family member wherever they are. The highly reflective material—available in four colors—increases the visibility of its wearer for swift discovery. This is ideal for attending outdoor events and other settings with a lot of people. You can add badge holders to it so attendees can easily identify staff. The printed safety message also serves as a great reminder for your family to remember while enjoying their time out together. 


safety lanyard



2. Secure Non-Breakaway Lanyards

Is your family thinking about wearing costumes to the festival? There’s nothing worse than your outfit looking uncoordinated because your credential holder doesn’t match anything you have on. Luckily, we can solve all of your coordination needs! 

The Round Non-Breakaway Lanyard is the perfect product for completely blending in with the apparel of your choice. Unlike a breakaway lanyard, this round lanyard is so lightweight and comfortable that you might even forget it’s there—but the secure non-breakaway design prevents it from coming undone or stolen. The bulldog clip firmly holds any of your credentials such as badge buddies and ID cards. The best part is that you can choose from 12 different colors! There is no quantity limit, so feel free to mix and match different colors to stay on theme with any outfit you want.

To add a little pizzazz, try our Silver Metallic Round Non-Breakaway Lanyard. While there are fewer color options, his non-breakaway lanyard is still secure and lightweight, with silver strands to bring more style and glamour to your lanyard. 


3. Face Mask Lanyards

Even with the world back on the mend, many people are still concerned for their well-being. Health is a top priority, especially for the little ones—you never know what could happen. If you want some extra protection from the unknown while attending a fall festival, our Kids Face Mask Lanyard should help ease your mind. 

We know how easy it is for kids to misplace their masks while exploring, so we made it simple. Compared to our other face mask lanyards, this one is shorter in length and perfect for smaller children to keep their masks handy when they take them off or put them on. The breakaway feature prevents any injuries if the lanyard is yanked or caught. With this face mask lanyard, the kids are free to roam around and have fun!


Don’t get caught off guard this festival season. Our full selection of lanyards can help you and your family stay safe, comfortable, and hands-free.
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