4 Heavy Duty Products To Help You Get Work Done Before Thanksgiving

4 Heavy Duty Products To Help You Get Work Done Before Thanksgiving

As we approach the holiday season, there are many things to think about: family and friends coming into town, cooking your Thanksgiving meal for a house full of hungry extended family, finding gifts for your children and family members, all while staying on top of your professional workload.

This time of year does not need to be made more stressful with flimsy, poorly made products. With heavy-duty products from Specialist ID, managing your work life will be the least of your worries as you welcome in the holidays. 

Let’s see what Specialist ID has to offer!

1- Key-Bak Self Retracting Heavy Duty Badge Reel With Removable Swivel Clip

This heavy-duty badge reel provides you with a removable swivel clip for easy access to your keys and badges. The hassle-free design will allow you to spend your time productively, without being bogged down by the difficulties of a tangled or inflexible key and badge reel. When it comes to providing all customers with sturdy, professional-grade products, Specialist ID has your back!


badge reel

2- Top Loading ID Badge Holder with Heavy Duty Lanyard, Detachable Metal Clip, and Key Ring 

This Top Loading badge holder brings you more than just a single place to hold your ID cards. This ID card badge holder, lanyard, metal clip, and key ring combination product gives you everything you could need for organizing your work items neatly in one place. Forget the scramble for your keys, ID cards, badges, and other work-related items, and spend your time on projects that are important to your work.



3- Heavy Duty Retractable Ratchit Keychain Tether Reel with Clip and Locking Feature

If your job requires you to carry many keys, this heavy-duty retractable Ratchit key chain is perfect for you! The purpose of this reel is to help you get your work done quickly and easily. The availability of fifteen key spaces on the keyring, retractable badge reel, and the locking feature combine the use of heavy-duty materials and a functional design to give you the best quality. 


retractable badge reel

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4- Reflective Bright Orange Arm Badge Holder with Glow-in-the-Dark Tabs and Armband

Let your badge holder work as hard as you do with its glow-in-the-dark and adjustable armband features. This bright, reflective badge holder will keep you identified, visible, and secure while you get your job done. With its nylon design, this armband badge holder will have no trouble holding multiple of your ID cards as you work in a highly physical environment. 


The holiday season has the potential to be one of the most stressful times of the year. With the support of these heavy-duty products, you will be ready to take on the holiday season without stress. Enjoy your Thanksgiving meal without worry, as Specialist ID supplies you with every tool you need for tackling your pre-season workload. 

Find out what other heavy-duty products Specialist ID can provide by visiting the our website. 

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