3 Helpful Ways to Best Use Your Lanyards This School Term

3 Helpful Ways to Best Use Your Lanyards This School Term

As classroom sizes and demands on teachers’ workloads increase, schools in the U.S. and around the world are looking for ways to become more efficient while still delivering safer and better learning environments for students and teachers. Quick and simple solutions can go a long way, and introducing lanyards is an easy and cost-effective way to improve your school’s safety and learning environment.

Lanyards are an effective way of improving safety and security in schools and other educational settings. Wearing ID badges is an essential element of safeguarding in schools that helps prevent unauthorized personnel from entering school property. At the same time, a distinctive lanyard in the same colors and displaying a school logo also can identify staff. Topping it off with a customized badge reel can make scanning IDs easy and efficient. Specialist ID has curated a list to explain ways lanyards in schools are useful. 

Keep Track of Student Activity

Teachers can use lanyards to keep track of student attendance and hall passes in an easier and more organized way. Students can hand in their lanyards with an attached id badge holder when they arrive in the classroom, saving teachers time from having to search through the attendance list. It is much more difficult to tell who is not present in class at colleges and universities since classes and campuses are larger. Having student lanyards gives information without questioning who is present. Lanyards will also improve security by not allowing people onto the premises/classes if they do not have a lanyard.



Enjoy Time On/Off School Grounds

Lanyards are great at generating a sense of team spirit among students, both on and off the grounds! For example, colored lanyards can be given to different sports teams, and special lanyards can be designed for top students or class presidents. In addition to being worn in school, they’re ideal when traveling to other schools for events or on school outings to present your students as a unified and organized group. Another great way to use lanyards in school gatherings or sports competitions is by attaching them to school medals at sporting events, inter-school competitions, and other large gatherings.






Promote School Spirit/Identification

Wearing a lanyard that displays a university’s brand colors and logo is a good way of raising the university's profile, ultimately attracting more people to apply to attend your school. Professional-looking lanyards give a good impression of the university, and students wearing one will know that they are representing their university or college when they are outside the premises. Wearing a lanyard with a badge that displays the wearer’s name also helps people to be able to use their name. For example, there could be new teachers students are not yet familiar with, and the badge displaying their names will make it easier to remember how to address the student or teacher.

If you’re thinking about using lanyards for your students, teachers, and staff, we recommend choosing a lanyard built to last and stylish enough to ensure your students will want to wear it daily. Lanyards are a good addition to any educational setting that offers many benefits, from security improvements to promote your school, college, or university as a professional educational establishment. Our team understands all the qualities a durable lanyard should have. Head over to our Specialist ID website and browse our array of options!

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