How to Choose the Right Lanyard for Security Personnel in 2020

How to Choose the Right Lanyard for Security Personnel in 2020

Despite the many advantages that lanyards can provide an organization in general and security personnel in particular, the choice of what type of lanyard to supply them with can often end up being something of an afterthought. 

A lanyard is a lanyard, after all, right? But the truth is that taking the time to choose the right type of lanyard is essential to assure that your personnel are both safe and effective in their jobs.

Let’s talk about some of the many lanyard types offered by Specialist ID and examine why choosing the right one is essential for your security personnel this year and into the future.

breakaway lanyard

Breakaway lanyards

More than just a tether for identification, lanyards are vital in assuring that only the appropriate personnel are able to access sensitive areas as well as keeping key cards readily available so that authorized personnel can easily go where they need to be. Security personnel, in particular, have very specific needs in regards to assuring their safety in dangerous situations. 

Breakaway lanyards can easily be detached when pulled upon, preventing the lanyard from spiraling around the necks of personnel and choking them. They are also an excellent choice for any personnel whose jobs require them to work on or around machinery with movable parts in which ID badges or lanyards might become caught.

Specialist ID’s adjustable breakaway lanyards are great for all sizes and can grow from 24 to 44 inches in length in order to comfortably accommodate just about everyone. 

Available in a variety of different colors, they feature a breakaway piece that will snap apart if the lanyard comes under too much stress if snagged or pulled, yet will then snap back together afterward. The wide plastic hook features a "no twist" option keeping your ID facing forward. The lanyard is 3/8" wide and can be adjusted to fit any size.

locking retractable lanyard with badge reel

Locking retractable badge reel lanyards

Convenience is another important consideration when choosing a lanyard. 

Often security personnel require a key card in order to enter sensitive or secure areas multiple times throughout their shift. Having to remove a lanyard from around the neck in order to insert or scan a key card is not just a nuisance, it can also waste valuable time, especially in emergency circumstances in which personnel need immediate access.

Our locking lanyards are popular with government agencies that not only need to show their ID badges, but also need to have them inserted into a card reader while accessing secure computer systems. 

Without removing the ID, it extends an additional 34" allowing the wearer to insert the card and have it locked in the extended position. This also makes it very easy to remember to take your ID when you get up from the terminal.

The retractable reel automatically locks when you extend it, and with a simple press of the "Quick-Lock" button, the lanyard will roll back into itself and hang your items in an idle position. It comes with a clear vinyl strap that's great for carrying IDs, badge holders, and multiple keys.

The badge reel lanyard combo also makes it easier to open locks and maneuver small tools into position since you can reel your keys towards them without any retraction force.

These retractable lanyards may also have a safety breakaway feature for added safety.

heavy duty lanyard

Heavy-duty lanyards

Lanyards that are required to be worn all day, every day can be forced to endure a great deal of wear and tear. 

When durability is of greatest concern, a heavy-duty lanyard is often the best choice. Heavy-duty lanyards can accommodate multiple badges as well as keys or other items without quickly breaking from the increased wear and tear. These lanyards are also useful for any personnel who may be exposed to adverse weather conditions on a regular basis.

When increased nighttime visibility is a concern, Specialist ID offers lanyards in a wide variety of bright or reflective colors. These lanyards can greatly enhance the safety of personnel who may be required to work in high-traffic areas in low-light conditions.

With the many decisions involved in successfully running a business or organization, it’s easy to let your guard down when choosing something as seemingly straightforward as lanyards. 

Doing so, however, can have an unfortunate effect on the safety and efficiency of your personnel as well as on cost efficiency. 

Taking the time to evaluate your needs and make the right choice the first time can make for a welcome reduction in unnecessary management headaches.

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