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How to Customize Your Company’s ID Badge Lanyards

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A lot of times, when companies order ID badges, they’re well aware of all their options for customizing them. From imprinting logos to adding contact information in the event it ever gets lost, companies tend to focus a lot on how to customize their ID badges. What is not so commonly known about, however, is the fact that the lanyards used with the ID badges can be customized as well.

Custom printed lanyards can provide a number of benefits to organizations in that they can help strengthen brand identity and increase brand visibility, as well as help make your organization look more professional through a more standardized and cohesive look for employees.

To help you easily customize your company’s ID badge lanyards, Specialist ID offers an online lanyard designer tool that allows you to get creative. You can use our lanyard designer tool to upload graphics (like your logo), input custom text, and view your custom lanyards in real time before placing your order.

The approval process for custom lanyard designs typically takes two days, and lead time is 10 - 14 days business days after receiving your approval on the final design.

To help prepare you for creating your custom lanyard with our lanyard design tool, here’s a brief walkthrough of the program.

  1. Select Some Basic Lanyard Details

First, you’ll select the quantity (a minimum of 100 units is required for customized lanyards) and color of your lanyards, as well as when you’ll need them by.

You have the option to select from a variety of full colors to print on your lanyard, including:

  • 1 Color Econo Silk Screen (most economical)
  • 1-3 Color Silk Screen (most popular)
  • Full Color (choose multiple colors that will bleed out to the edge for greater detail)
  • 1 Color Woven (a higher quality lanyard with 1 color wording an an solid color background)

And when deciding on a color, here are a few details to note:

  • If you’re creating lanyards for customer use (like a special event, for instance), lanyards in neon or vibrant colors are not typically appealing for many and will be much less likely to be worn.
  • More subdued tones are usually preferred among individuals for the most part.
  • Take the time to consider the contrasting color to distinguish the text and any graphics you plan to use from the background color.

Additionally, you will have the option to have a clip on both ends of your lanyard by clicking the checkbox “Double-Ended Even Lanyard”.

  1. Choose Your Material

At Specialist ID, all of our lanyards are made from the highest quality materials available. They include:

  • Polyester
  • Organic Cotton
  • Microwave (Ribbed Polyester)
  • Opti Weave Tubular
  • Flat Braid (Tubular)
  • Econoweave
  • Ultraweave
  • Bamboo
  • Antimicrobial
  • Recycled Material (PET)

During this process, you’ll also choose the width of your preferred lanyard. You can select from ⅜, ⅝, or 1.

  1. Add Some Final Touches

Select whether or not you would like your lanyard to have the breakaway feature. The breakaway component is a safety feature that triggers when your lanyard gets pulled or snared; It will snap apart for your protection. Breakaway lanyards are particularly useful for those in highly active or high-risk industries, where lanyards could potentially wrap around wearers’ necks, causing serious harm.

Additionally, during this step, you can choose an end fitting (this will be the piece that will attach to your ID badge holder). You can select from 20 different end fitting choices, which include various options for the swivel hook, bulldog clip, split ring, and snap hook.

  1. Upload Your Logo and Add Your Text

Now, here comes the fun part! The final step is typing in the text and seeing your company name, tagline, and any other message you want to include come to life on the lanyard. You can choose the color of the text, adjust the font and spacing, and then choose whether or not you want the text to be single or double-sided. If you have a logo, you can upload a JPEG, GIF, PNG, Bitmap, or .psd files.

And that’s it! In just four simple steps, you can have your custom printed lanyards designed and delivered to your business in approximately 14 days.

Pairing a customized lanyard with your personalized ID badges is a great way to showcase a consistent and well-branded look for your company. 

Plus, since lanyards are a lot easier to swap in than ID cards, you can even choose to create a customized lanyard for different occasions or purposes. For example, you can have one lanyard for everyday professional wear and another more colorful and stylish lanyard for any company parties. If it’s this easy to design them, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t!

If you require any help or guidance designing your lanyard, our friendly customer service representatives at Specialist ID are standing by to assist you. And if you need to have your order expedited, get in touch with us, and we can make that happen.

We’re here to help you fulfill all of your lanyard needs!

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