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5 Products To Improve Department Security

It is important to feel safe and secure while you carry out your duties in the workplace. Worrying about security threats can affect your ability to complete your tasks. Luckily, there are a few ways to keep your workplace productive while reducing risks as well. To give you peace of mind, here are five ways to improve your department’s security.

Expiring Visitor Badge and Log Book

If you need to keep an eye on the people coming through your department, an Expiring Visitor Log Book is the perfect product. As the badge is filled out with the wearer’s information, a duplicatex record is recorded at the same time in the log book. After 14-16 hours, the badge self expires and the word VOID will be visible. The color change process prevents tampering and reuse of the badge, so there is no need to physically collect them afterward. The self-expiring visitor badge and log book system is an easy way to quickly log and ID visitors at any school, hospital, or building with high traffic. You can purchase a standard book with 240 badges or a large book with 480 badges. 

Standard (240 Badges) Expiring Visitor Badge and Log Book (05721 & 05741) 05721

Custom Printed Badge Buddy (Horizontal)

The Custom Badge Buddy will make it easier to identify the different members of your workplace and their roles. Decrease confusion about who is who so that you can easily find whomever you need in an instant with this badge buddy. Knowing your team also creates a more collaborative work environment where each teammate’s expertise and role is clear from the start. Create your badge buddies with up to two lines of custom text and one of the 20 color options available. Vertical and horizontal options are available! 

Identity Stronghold Secure Badgeholder Classic

The FIPS 201 approved Identity Stronghold Secure Badge Holder Classic is the ideal way to eliminate the risk of identity theft, invasion of privacy, tracking, or even card cloning. The Squeeze to Read™ technology allows the card to be read by squeezing the tabs at the top while the ID badge stays locked in. It is perfect for when the demands of the job keep your hands full or require gloves. As if this didn't already provide enough security, the opaque sleeve blocks unauthorized readings of RFID chips in cards. This RFID badge holder is available in nine translucent colors.

Identity Stronghold IDSH1004-001B-002 Secure Badgeholder Classic

SPID UBand Proximity Silicone WristBand

The SPID UBand Proximity Silicone ID WristBand can help keep your department secure by reducing the time it takes for you to access your building. Save time by simply scanning your wristband instead of searching for an ID badge to move throughout your building. The silicone band is sweatproof and waterproof, and it contains a 125 kHz proximity chip, which can be used the same way as a proximity card. It is sold in packs of 100 and available in three different wrist sizes: 6”, 7”, and 8”. 

SPID UBand Proximity Silicone WristBand

Vertical ID Badge Rack Card Holder

The all-metal Vertical ID Badge Rack Card Holder conveniently holds up to 40 vertical ID badges. This card rack is great for employees who are required to leave their badges when clocking in and out or accessing the building in a central location. You will be able to easily keep track of everyone who has passed through. There is a horizontal option available as well.

Vertical ID Badge Rack Card Holder (P/N 3905-0150) 3905-0150

There are many ways to stay secure while doing your job. Visit the Specialist ID website for RFID blocking badge holders, visitor management supplies, and much more!
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