5 Ways To Stay Safe During The Holidays

5 Ways To Stay Safe During The Holidays

The holiday season can bring more than pumpkin spice lattes and peppermint mochas; it can also attract petty theft, celebratory confusion, travel concerns, and overcrowded shopping centers. For these reasons it is important to protect yourself, others, and your property as we ring in the holidays. 

Specialist ID is stocked with everything you need to maximize security as you take on the holiday season. 

1- Heavy Duty No Touch Door Opener Tool 

Protect yourself from germs while navigating public spaces this holiday season with this no touch door opener tool. With a thick design and large finger hole, this multitool can easily fit anyone's hand comfortably, and does not hurt when opening heavy doors. The brass, hands-free multitool can open heavy doors, press public elevator buttons and keypads, and even works on many touchpads.  



2- Extra Large Six Feet Social Distancing Badge Buddies with Clothing Friendly Badge Clips

In the hustle and bustle of the holidays, getting sick and spreading illness is the last thing you need to deal with. Maintain a six feet distance from others, and remind people of your boundaries with these social distancing badge buddies. These badges seamlessly clip onto any fabric, providing you comfort and peace of mind as you conquer the day. 

spid-6 feet-social-distancing-badge-buddies


3- Antimicrobial Face Mask Lanyard with Breakaway Clasp - Anti Microbial Fabric Facemask Holder Neck Strap 

Never lose your face mask with the help and security of a face mask lanyard. Keep your mask securely fashioned over your nose and mouth with this antimicrobial face mask lanyard with a breakaway clasp for safety and access. The strap is adjustable with a total length of 25 inches, fitting not only to you personally but to any member of your family or social circle. 




4- Black EK Guardian ID Badge Holder with Detachable Lanyard

This EK Guardian ID badge holder will organize and keep all of your valuable items in one, secure place. The case itself, sealed and waterproof as well as impact-resistant, protects your property from unauthorized scanning, physical injury, and any water damage. 

With the addition of a black, detachable lanyard, this badge holder fits comfortably around your neck or fits in any pocket, holding your important ID cards and badges on your person. 


5- Wrist Coil Key Chain with ID Strap Clip 

These wrist coils are accompanied by a key ring and ID strap clips to ensure you and your company are identifiable to each other and can keep track of your valuables. With five color options, everyone will be distinguished and satisfied with their coil of choice. 


With the support of these Specialist ID products, you are ready for all the chaos that the holiday season brings. All you need to do is snuggle up with your holiday drink of choice, your loved ones, and enjoy your holiday celebrations! 

Check out more products that protect you on the Specialist ID website.

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