3 Items Doctors Can Leverage To Join In On Celebrating National Walking Day

3 Items Doctors Can Leverage To Join In On Celebrating National Walking Day

With over 1,500 national days, National Walking Day was launched by The American Heart Association, encouraging everyone of all ages to get their hearts pumping.

Our team felt compelled to come up with a short list of 3 products to accessorize and serve a purpose to this day that is dedicated to getting outside for fresh air and movement. We feel these products have the potential to be motivating and encouraging in celebrating this day!

First, we have the patriotic lanyard in homage to the American Heart Association; what better way to kick off this list than with a patriotic product? The bright and bold red, white, and blue colors remind us of the perseverance of our nation and how we, too, can embody that as we take on the challenge of staying active for the sake of our bodies' well-being. This lanyard will fit comfortably around your neck because the material has a smooth and silky feel that isn’t abrasive to the skin. 





Displaying the muscle that is being exercised, the heart, the heart badge reel is appropriate. We have a fun selection of reels that include: heart shaped EKG reels, patriotic heart flag badge reels, and the heart shaped ribbon awareness badge reel. The swivel clips on these reels will hold tightly to your scrubs or work clothes as you engage in physical activities, such as outdoor walking. Nurses and staff have been caring for people all over; practicing what is preached will set a great example for the public to follow. Raising heart health awareness with this product is easy and looks good too! 




Lastly, we have the armband id holder, a product essentially made for active people. With this type of ID holder, you can perform swift motions efficiently and be comfortable as you move. You’ll be able to wear this ID card holder in any weather conditions, whether rainy, snowy, or sunny, though we don’t encourage outdoor walking if weather conditions are less than safe. These armband ID holders usually come with velcro straps that can be adjusted to fit just about anybody. Swiftly slip your arm inside the holder, tighten the velcro to your liking, and display your ID cards vertically or horizontally.





In short, walking for 30 minutes minimum a day is an excellent way to keep yourself healthy. If you already exercise several times a week, walking each day at lunch or during a coffee break is a great antidote to sitting all day. The products listed above are simply here to help promote this activity and make this exercise easier while at work.

Engaging in this day of celebrating movement as a group will expand the celebration and have a long-lasting effect on those around. Visit Specialist ID to get your hands on these products for your team and get your hearts pumping!

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