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Magnetic Badge Holder: The Clothes-Friendly Solution

Posted on pin & clip badge holders may get the job done, magnetic badge holders are a much more professional, clothes-friendly solution for organizations of all types. Traditional pin and clip badge holders damage clothes over time as they poke holes in fabric and slowly wear down the materials where they attach. Meanwhile, magnetic-backed badge holders do not cause any damage to clothing over the years, even when used on the most fragile of fabrics.

Rusted pin & clip badge holders can present dangers to employees as they may easily poke wearers and can become undone throughout the day. With a smooth backing and consistent surface area, magnetic-backed badge holders are much safer for employees and comfortable to wear all day long. They wont cause irritation to the skin and improving workplace safety should always be a top priority for all companies.

One of the most common reasons employees complain about wearing badge holders is because they damage clothing and can be uncomfortable to wear. With magnetic badge holders, these issues are no longer a concern keeping both employees and managers happy. Employees will no longer need to stress about damaging all their work clothing and will be much more likely to consistently wear their badge holders. Your customers will certainly appreciate this added benefit as well!

Crafted out of study steel and zinc, magnetic badge holders are much more durable than traditional pin or clip badges. At Specialist ID, we sell a wide variety of high-quality magnetic badge holders to choose from. Some of our most popular product offerings include:

These stylish, well-made badges are the perfect solution for organizations looking to maintain a sophisticated, professional brand image.

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