4 Must Have Products For Veteran Health Hospitals

4 Must Have Products For Veteran Health Hospitals

Taking care of American veterans is a privilege for many doctors and nurses working at veteran health hospitals. With the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals have had to adjust to different ways to operate and keep people safe. With some essential items, the day to day operations can be easier to handle.

Here are four must-have products for veteran health hospitals.

Face Mask Lanyard with Breakaway Clasp

For doctors, nurses, patients and their guests, mask wearing on hospital grounds is mandatory. When it is time to remove your mask to eat or when you are otherwise safe to do so, keeping it on a mask lanyard can be very helpful. To attach the mask, clip the ear loops to the ends of the lanyard. This way, the mask is on you at all times. You won’t forget where you left your mask or if it is left on a contaminated surface. 

The breakaway clasp at the back allows for the lanyard to come apart when pulled on. This prevents uncomfortable pulling if it gets caught on anything. This safety feature can help avoid awkward stumbles if you get it caught on a door handle, for instance, since the lanyard will fall before you do!

Armband Badge Holder

Another important accessory that can be used for safety is the armband badge holder. With your ID hanging from your lanyard, it can be easy for it to get caught or tangled. With your ID displayed on your arm, your hands are free to move around without worry of getting your lanyard pulled. The armband adjusts around your arm for a secure fit and the elastic fabric moves with your every movement. In fast paced environments such as hospitals, wearing your credentials on your arm will allow you to save time and not be slowed down by distractions.

Vaccine Card Holder

As more people across the nation get vaccinated, they will need a safe place to store their vaccine record card. The CDC has set the standard size of this card to be 4x3, which is larger than the standard card slot of a wallet. A protective vinyl sleeve is a great place to store the card so it doesn’t get torn or scratched. The card can be removed when it’s time for a second dose or to write in other updates. This sleeve is proudly made in the USA and has holes at the top in case you need to wear it on a lanyard or badge reel

Flag Badge Reel

To add some patriotic flair, consider a US flag badge reel! A badge reel is the best option for wearing a badge or ID when you want easy access to it but still want it out of your way. It can be attached to your belt or to the front of your shirt. The reel retracts so you can scan or swipe your card when entering different rooms inside the hospital. A convenient swivel clip makes it easy to extend the reel in any direction.

There are many products that hospitals should have to help patients and their staff every day. At Specialist ID, we are here to supply you with everything you need!
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