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Personalized Lanyards Ideal for Teachers and Students

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Add some flair to your look by showing off your personalized lanyards in vibrant colors of pink, blue, and yellow or choose a lively pattern to show your awareness for a cause - or simply because you like to have some fun! Teachers and students alike can make creative waves in the classroom with our myriad of lanyard ideas. Let's highlight some expressive lanyards to wear for school, some of which contribute to bringing awareness to multiple beautiful causes.

Join the whole class in on this creative adventure by ordering lanyards for your students. This inexpensive gift allows you to choose how many you may want while also showing you the most favorable price scale. Easy to buy and easy to wear, personalized lanyards are the perfect purchase for teachers and students alike.

Explore our variety of personalized lanyards for the whole class now!

Rainbow Lanyard with Swivel Hook Starting at $1.71

Stay hands-free and active with our swivel hook lanyard in a rainbow design. Kids will love the animated colors on this lanyard! Ideal for any occasion, it makes it easy to pick when you're not sure which color you love the most. You can just pick all of them!

>> For more information on lanyards and accessories call Specialist ID at 800- 380- 6726 or feel free to contact us online.

Cute Polka Dot Pattern Lanyard with Lobster Hook and Key Ring Starting at $1.48

One of our newest collections, the polka dot pattern transports you back in time to the 1930s to an era where Minnie Mouse first released her iconic dress. This lanyard's feature is it can hold your ID badge and keys all at once! No more losing the keys on your way out of the house for you.

Autism Awareness Flat Breakaway Lanyard with Swivel Hook Starting at $2.45

The puzzle emblem on our autism awareness lanyard comes in your choice of two designs. Pink and purple hues are offered in one design and blue with yellow tones can be seen in the second design. Our breakaway feature helps to protect the user in case of a sudden snap or snare.

Pink Ribbon Awareness Lanyard Starting at $0.66

Pink ribbons are woven throughout the entire length of our breast cancer awareness lanyard. As a teacher, you may want to show your ties to such a lovely cause by rocking this personalized lanyard in your classroom.

We will be happy to hear where you might want some special identification badges. Whether it's for yourself, teachers, students or your entire staff, our pricing scale that offers discounts for economies of scale will let you get great products at great prices.

Just look at any of our pages and the pricing is as transparent as can be.

Let us know what you think of our personalized lanyard ideas for teachers and kids or if you have something in mind that you would like us to find for you. You may contact us online or speak to a representative at Specialist ID at 800- 380- 6726.

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