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Autism Awareness Flat Breakaway Lanyard With Swivel Hook (2138-5281, 2138-5282)

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Part number: 2138-5281

- Sold Individually

  • 3/4" Wide, Flat Lanyard
  • 36" Total Circumfrunce, Perfect Size For Displaying Credentials.
  • Swivel Hook For Attaching to ID Badges and More.
  • Color: Pink or Red Autism Awareness
  • Breakaway
  • P/N 2138-5281, 2138-5282

Autism Awareness Flat Breakaway Lanyard With Swivel Hook (2138-5281 and 2138-5282)

Our autism awareness flat breakaway lanyard with a swivel hook, part number 2138-5281, are perfect ID accessories for charity walks, fundraisers, or your everyday job. This fashionable and attractive dye-sublimated lanyard has the puzzle emblem used to symbolize autism awareness in pink, purple, blue, and magenta.

The lanyard is 3/4" wide with a 36" total circumference and a safety breakaway making this the perfect accessory to your ID badge or other credential. The swivel hook easily attaches to most ID accessories or even your key ring keeping your valuables close to you and hands free. Breakaway lanyard provides a safety feature that will allow the lanyard to snap apart when snagged or snared.

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