Do You Own a Pet? You Need These Products

Do You Own a Pet? You Need These Products

Pet owners unite! We can all agree on how much we love our four-legged besties. They deserve nothing but the best, and that includes the products we use to care for them. Stocking up on the essentials is easy, but taking your pet-parent game to the next level is something of a challenge. But don’t worry; we’re here to help.

Specialist ID has the best products for all pet owners; whether your furry friend is big, small, indoor, outdoor, or anything in between, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Wrist Coil Keychain with ID Strap

If your pet requires supervision outside, whether for a walk, at the park, or even for the bathroom, you can’t go without our wrist coil keychain with ID strap. This product is the handiest way to carry your belongings on the go. Available in five distinct colors, this one-size-fits-all item conveniently slips onto your wrist on the go. Just attach your essentials— keys, identification, or a collapsible water dish— and this bracelet will be ready to grab on your way out the door, morning or night. 



2. Witz See It Safe Waterproof ID Badge Holder

Everyone hates going out in the rain, but for pet owners, it is an especially daunting task. Keeping yourself, your pet, and your belongings safe and dry is nearly impossible. But with our Witz See it Safe waterproof ID badge holder, you can store everything inside the sealable, waterproof pouch to protect them from inclement weather. This badge holder is large enough to store treats, keys, IDs, or bathroom bags securely inside the crush-resistant shell. Take a look at the six available colors and find one that fits your pet’s personality.


3. Vinyl Credential Neck Wallet

No one likes scrambling at the last second to gather their pet’s essentials before a vet appointment. With our vinyl credential neck wallet, you can store all their important paperwork, treats, and maybe even a DIY vaccination card safely inside the zipper pouch. You can even keep some of your own belongings, like an ID or credit card, inside the card slot. Even better this lanyard wallet comes with an attached pen holder to take notes during the appointment. What’s not to love?


4. Premium Breakaway Lanyard

For a simple day-to-day routine with your animal, you need our premium breakaway lanyard. This breakaway lanyard is tried and true, making it the perfect addition to any pet parent’s life. You can attach your essential items, as well as a toy or water dish for your pet (maybe some car keys if they love to ride shotgun…). This lanyard will keep everything together in one place and easily transportable whenever you and your pet need it most.



Want to learn more about our purr-fect products? Head to our website to find our other badge holders and lanyards, as well as our badge reels and more.
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