4 PPE Products That Support First Responders

4 PPE Products That Support First Responders

First responders are always the first ones out the door in the event of an emergency. They are ready with everything they need when they are called to action. With the COVID-19 pandemic, first responders are required to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that helps slow the spread of the virus. Having these materials are an important part of keeping the community safe.

Here are four PPE products that help support first responders in their line of work.

Face Mask Lanyard

A face mask is the most common PPE that people wear on a daily basis. Sometimes, it’s appropriate to remove the mask from your face. When you do, it can be easy to misplace it or let it fall to the ground. With a dirty mask, or no mask at all, you won’t be able to treat people safely. A mask lanyard is a tool that can help solve this problem! Attach the ear loops to the clips and you’ll be able to have a mask on you at all times. It hangs around your neck like a normal lanyard and the mask is easy to put on and off.

Social Distancing Badge Buddies

A social distancing badge buddy is a great way to remind people of social distancing guidelines! When you arrive to specific locations, six feet of distance might be recommended for COVID safety. Wearing the badge that signifies six feet of distance is necessary can help you and others maintain the proper distance. These badge buddies can be worn under a normal ID badge where the words “I’m Happy to Help From a Distance” will still be shown. They can also be worn on their own with the included bulldog clip, which can be attached to a shirt or the waistband of pants.

COVID-19 Vaccinated Lanyard

Signaling to others that you have been fully vaccinated can come in handy while traveling for work. This lanyard has the words “COVID-19 VACCINATED” on bold red fabric so it is highly visible to all. Vaccinated people may have access to different areas in a hospital or other place, so this is an easy way to differentiate everyone. A protective vinyl badge sleeve is included, which is the perfect fit for the CDC vaccine record cards. You can slip yours into the sleeve and show it when necessary. The lanyard also has a breakaway feature which prevents pulling at the neck. If the lanyard gets caught in something, the clasp at the back breaks so you won’t get pulled with the lanyard.

Face Shield

A full face protective shield is an effective barrier for those who want added protection along with wearing a mask. This PPE covers the mouth and eyes and is extremely useful in healthcare situations. The coverage is 160 degrees across the face and has a lightweight, ergonomic fit. This allows for long periods of wear without causing strain on the person’s face. The see-through plastic makes it useful for meeting with patients and their families.

As the country remains cautious surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, Specialist ID is ready to help you with all the items you need! We have a wide assortment of PPE that can get first responders ready to help the community in a safe way.
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