4 Products Every Teacher Needs in the Classroom

4 Products Every Teacher Needs in the Classroom

As we march toward the halfway mark of the school year, many teachers have begun reflecting on their classroom routines and procedures. This is a great time to take note of any practices that need to be fixed or could be improved. For instance, maybe your class library needs to be organized or your seating chart could be remodeled. Making a few updates to your classroom can drastically improve your students’ experiences and make for a more positive learning environment. Your friends here at Specialist ID have everything you need to transform your classroom.

Here are some of our favorite products that are a must-have for any teacher:

1. School Hall Pass Lanyards

Does your hall pass system need to be updated? Take a look at these School Hall Pass Lanyards! They are a wonderful way to streamline your classroom’s egress and keep track of where your students are headed. Sold in a pack of six, this kit covers everything from trips to the bathroom, nurse visits, and even generic hall access. Each pass is water-resistant and shatterproof and comes attached to a coordinating breakaway lanyard of the same color. They are easy to clean and will maintain their shiny exterior over time due to their laminated design; these passes guarantee long-lasting organization for your classroom.






2. Face Mask Lanyards

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, ensuring you and your students stay healthy and ready to learn is a top priority. Ensuring everyone follows the new policies of your institution can be challenging, especially when dealing with young children. These Face Mask Lanyards are an awesome way to help your students remember their mask and keep it handy. There are a variety of color options available, so your students can have fun selecting their favorite design. This will reduce the transmission of illness and prevent their mask from getting lost in the chaos of the school day. As an added perk, they come fitted with a breakaway clasp to maintain your students’ safety. 



3. Neon Lanyards

These Neon Lanyards are a fantastic way to bring fun into your classroom! You can allow your students to select from six colors and use them to carry masks, nametags, or locker keys. Each lanyard comes equipped with a 36-inch cord, so they’re versatile for all ages and include a breakaway clasp for added protection. This is the upgrade your classroom needs.




4. Premium Blank PVC Cards

If you are looking for something more specific, try these Premium Blank PVC Cards! This product lets you personalize their printed design to whatever fits your classroom’s needs. They are compatible with most ID tag card printers, badge holders, and will ship to you ready to use. These are perfect if you want to step up your organization game; try using them to label each student’s desk or make customized math or vocabulary flashcards. 


Want more classroom inspiration? Visit our education collection for more products, and head to Specialist ID for more information about card printing.

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