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5 Essential Products To Maximize Your 4th Quarter Sales

As the end of the year fastly approaches, the fourth quarter consists of the three busiest holidays of the year: Halloween, Thanksgiving (followed by Black Friday), and Christmas. As you get ready to celebrate with family and friends, it is important to remember to stay safe while having fun. To help you maintain that rule, here are five essential products for your fourth quarter sales.

25 Pack Bulk Face Mask Lanyards

A 25 Pack Bulk Face Mask Lanyards will be a necessity as the busiest time of year begins. The durable clips will keep your mask close at hand and away from dirty surfaces. Stay protected while you travel, shop, dine, and enjoy other activities that may require you to make contact with multiple people. The packs come in black, blue, green, red, purple, or an assortment of all five colors. Masks not included. 

25 Pack Bulk Face Mask Lanyards - Comfort Neck Straps for Facemasks - Ear Savers for All Day Use - Works with Disposable or Fabric / Cotton Face Coverings

SPID Key-Bak SIDEKICK Heavy Duty Badge Reel Lanyard Combo

The SPID Key-Bak SIDEKICK Heavy Duty Badge Reel Lanyard Combo will especially come in handy this Halloween season. This combo comes with an ID holder strap clip & key ring to support everything you may need while looking for treats. It can conveniently carry up to six keys or 4 ounces of badge gear and essential tools like a flashlight to see clearly at night. This all-in-one solution is also perfect for professional settings as it will keep your ID badge and keys within reach for easy access to open door locks, swipe through access points, or be scanned. The retractable Sidekick badge reel has a "no twist" end notch to keep your credentials facing forward and prevent them from spinning when retracting or releasing.

SPID Key-Bak SIDEKICK Heavy Duty Badge Reel Lanyard Combo with ID Holder Strap Clip & Key Ring (SPID-9980) SPID-9980-BLACK

Multi-Card Clear Rigid Water Resistant Holder

Another essential product this fourth quarter is the Multi-Card Clear Water Resistant Rigid Card Holder. This inexpensive multi-card holder can hold up to 7 standard ID cards at a time, but you can use it for cash, credit cards, and other small lightweight objects like keys that can fit inside. Keep all of your necessities in a secure place while you prepare for the upcoming holidays and complete all of your shopping. The lanyard does not have a safety breakaway feature, so it cannot be taken without your notice. If you want a more heavy-duty option, take a look at our Witz” cases.

Multi-Card Clear Rigid Water Resistant Holder (1840-9000/WPH-1) 1840-9000_WPH-1

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Vertical Armband ID Badge Holders with Elastic Strap

The Vertical Armband ID Holders with Elastic Strap is ideal if you need to keep your ID or any identification pass visible at all times. During this time of year, this is a great option for workers who need their hands free, such as retail salespeople and warehouse workers. The resealable zippered closure can hold one or more standard credit card-sized IDs. Especially during peak shopping periods, people should know who you are and how you can help them find what they need. This ID badge holder is stylish and has a comfortable and adjustable armband that is available in six different colors. Its flexible construction ensures your continued mobility.

Vertical Armband ID Badge Holders with Elastic Strap (1840-7010)

Silicone Cell Phone Wallet

Keep all of your essentials secure with the Silicone Cell Phone Wallet. It can easily hold two standard credit card-sized ID cards and has an adhesive backing to attach to the back of your phone. You can keep track of your photo ID, debit or credit card, driver's license, or public transportation cards in one convenient location. Plus, this phone wallet is available in two different colors to choose from.
Silicone Cell Phone Wallet (SPID-050X)

Make this fourth quarter as great as possible with these essential products. Visit the Specialist ID website to find more great supplies to use.

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