Three Reasons To Consider Upgrading To Heavy Duty Products

Three Reasons To Consider Upgrading To Heavy Duty Products

Many businesses and workplaces have changed the way that they use lanyards. While they may have initially been used for IDs, they are now being used to hold keys and wallets; however, employees will need a heavy-duty lanyard.

Most lanyards eventually chafe when sweating for hours, and some even break easily, resulting in a loss of your hardware or a very expensive badge. However, we manufacture highly durable heavy-duty lanyards, key chains, and reels for all of your needs. Our products meet the demands of both office managers as well construction engineers.

If your budget does not allow for a high expense, but high quality and durability are essential, look no further than Specialist ID. Our team has curated a few reasons why certain heavy-duty products are the better choice for your employment work.


This heavy-duty retractable key chain is fantastic for carrying all your keys and other accessories, and it is lightweight yet sturdy enough to hold plenty. They hang low and are not in the way as maintenance or security workers go about their shift.

Box cutters are easier to use when attached to the keychain and retract back into place independently. Fidgeting for keys can be avoided, and this product is perfect for saving time that is often lost when looking for necessary items. This keychain works for all our heroes in healthcare or anyone in the office—it is time-saving and efficient for nearly every profession.









Increase Safety At Work

Heavy-duty breakaway lanyards are becoming popular in industries where heavy machinery is used, and heavy-duty products are in high demand. There are many jobs where a lanyard may get caught on machinery or could be pulled on by another person; in jobs such as these, breakaway lanyards help assure safety and avoid injuries.

Heavy labor industries, like construction, are another profession in which physical safety is the primary concern. In construction sites, anything that can get caught on exposed materials and trap the wearer is a safety hazard. Heavy-duty breakaway lanyards are reliable enough to ensure that workers don’t get caught on anything and don’t do damage to themselves or the worksite in the process. 




Business Trip Friendly

Heavy-duty sports reels are necessary when on business trips or personal vacations where outdoor activities are part of the itinerary. They are durable and great for keeping IDs, passes, and badges in place while on the move. The blank center allows customization to make the business trip even more professional. Don’t let losing a pass take time out of your fun activities. Nobody likes setbacks, and this sports badge reel is great for keeping important passes organized. 

Communicating to your team about implementing new products will ensure a smooth transition. As your company grows, you need to think of new ways to provide products that will grow with it. With an increasing number of employees and clients, you need to systematize, and with the products mentioned above, you can be sure your company will appreciate them.

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