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3 Customizable Accessories to Help Your Staff Stand Out

When it comes to your workplace uniform, there is little wiggle room for personalization. Quirky socks, vibrant eyeglass frames, or cool phone case accessories can help you stand out as an individual. However, customized gear that you and your team wear every day will have you looking both unified and unique at the same time. Here are three customizable accessories to help your staff stand out.

Custom Printed Lanyards
Lanyards are often overlooked when it comes to accessorizing your uniform. Luckily, Specialist ID offers Custom Printed Lanyards to include your special touch. Choose one of 32 different colors for your base. Then you can pick from multiple materials, imprints, end-fitting options, and even if you want a breakaway safety feature. You can also add text or your company logo to further your personalization. A customized lanyard is a great way to represent your company in and out of the workplace. Who could’ve known such a mundane item could add so much style to your outfit?



Neck Wallets
Neck Lanyard Wallets are ideal for people who want to have something lighter than a backpack while they are on the move. They conveniently allow you to carry your essentials from a lanyard. A favorite neck wallet is the Vinyl Credential Neck Wallet with Adjustable Lanyard. Its front and back feature a clear vinyl pocket for displaying a badge or credential pass, and it has a pen holder for jotting down notes on the go.



There is also a larger, zippered pocket that's perfect for storing small personal items such as credit cards, cash, a passport, or even a small pad of paper. While this neck wallet only comes in black, it can be custom printed with your name, job title, company logo, and more. Contact us for details on how to personalize this product.

Custom Printed Badge Buddies and Bottoms
Custom Printed Badge Buddies create unique and instantly recognizable badges for your team to stand out. There are 20 colors to choose from and up to two lines of text available for a complete customization experience. The badge buddy is compatible with all standard-size ID badges. It features a double-sided display window to make both sides of your ID or credential easily visible without ever needing to remove it from its holder. Your team will be easily identifiable no matter where they are.
Custom Printed Badge Buddy Horizontal

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If you don't want to take up too much space on your badge holder, then the Custom Printed Badge Bottom is for you. Similar to the badge buddy, there are 20 colors available, and the customized text you select will be visible below the ID badge. The only difference between this model and the badge buddy is that it comes with an additional pocket for carrying your ID or other credentials, freeing up space on your lanyard. Both badge buddies and badge bottoms have vertical options as well.

Adding some personality to your daily uniform is easy, fun, and a great way for your team to get attention. Visit Specialist ID for more products available for customization.

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