A Guide On How To Choose ID Badge Accessories For Your School

Once you’ve designed a great ID badge, you also need to put some thought into the badge accessories you’ll need to go with it. The environment in which your badge is used will factor into how you choose to hold or display it. If it’s for a school or office building that requires you to scan the ID badge at a door reader, you might want to consider something like a retractable ID badge reel, which allows you to pull the ID card out and scan it in front of the reader without having to remove or detach the ID badge.

There are no complex rules regarding what “should” be done for each environment, but there are some basic guidelines that can help you make that decision. With so many badge accessories to choose from, you want to ensure you’re getting the one that works best for your school’s environment.


Begin with a Badge Holder

Before you decide how your badge will be displayed (lanyard, retractable reel, etc.), you’ll have to choose what kind of badge holder you will use. Badge holders can range from simple, clear see-through sleeves to rigid cardholders to armband badge holders that keep cards protected and out of the way but easy to access.

Choose the Right Clips

Colored Vinyl Strap Clips are a versatile and economical way to wear and display ID badges at your school facility. Make sure that your credentials are slotted for compatibility, use the strap to secure your badge, then attach it to your clothing with the clip. We offer a wide selection of bright colors to match your school’s desired colors easily.


Explore Reel Options for your Badge

The Self-locking PIV reel is useful when it is required to insert an ID card into a reader to access computers. This reel can be extended and won’t cause strain on the reel due to its locking capability. This accessory is rated for 100,000 pulls and is slightly shorter in length by a few inches. 

Another accessory worth mentioning is the Heavy-duty Retractable Keychain. This accessory comes in handy for school janitors. With a stainless steel chain, our retractable key chains feature split rings that are strong enough for multiple keys and can even handle small tools, so you keep them on hand at all times. This retractable key chain keeps keys handy and secure and eases the mind when you avoid unnecessary digging through multiple pockets to find keys.


When it comes to ID badges, there are a lot of different elements to consider, from the design of the badge itself, to how it will be displayed and secured. With Specialist ID, you have several options to choose from. Spend time researching exactly what you need from your ID badge accessories to select the most convenient option for your employees and your school environment, then head over to our website to purchase your preferred choices.

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