Top 3 Badge Holders For Your Beach Trip

Top 3 Badge Holders For Your Beach Trip

Staying organized on a beach trip is crucial, but finding the right accessory for your needs can be tricky. A badge holder will keep you from losing your ID, hotel key, cash, and other vital items, but a regular old badge holder won't do the trick to keep your things safe from the water, sand, and debris floating around. 

If you're heading to the beach this summer for a vacation getaway or business trip, you need to consider keeping your ID badge secure, clean, and ready to use. Several options are available here at Specialist ID to keep your items safe for your next beach trip, whether you want to protect them from getting wet and procuring water damage or keep them from getting lost in the sand. 

Make it waterproof.

This waterproof ID badge holder, made of clear plastic, is durable and can withstand harsh elements, such as salty sea water, sand, and dirt. This badge holder can hold up to 10 credit card-sized cards! The variety of translucent colors makes it easy to see what's inside without having to open and search around—for example, if you have cash or keys stashed away! It also comes with a neck lanyard and carabiner so that you can keep it with you at all times with no fuss. Adding a hard plastic badge holder can also be a great way to make sure you ID card is never damaged or risks falling into the ocean due to tearing. If you're looking for an inexpensive option that keeps all of your valuable items in reach, this waterproof ID badge is worth considering for your beach trip this year. 














Clip on your badge holder with a keychain.

Clear plastic badge holders are a great addition to your beach bag essentials. This clear badge holder holds up to two credit-card-sized cards, perfect for your ID and room key, so you never get locked out of your hotel room. The clear vinyl pouch protects your items from water and sand and allows you to easily display your ID or badge. An included keychain attachment makes it easy to carry around on your belt loop, purse strap, or backpack. If you took a road trip to the beach, attach your car keys to the keychain. For extra protection you can add a lanyard to your badge to make sure it won't get buried in the sand or lost at the bottom of the ocean, and you can ensure you'll have a ride home. This ID badge holder also includes a thumb notch removal slot, so it's easy to slide your cards in and out for easy access.







Use an ID badge holder to keep your identity safe. 

When traveling, you want to keep your identity safe. You'll have a lot of things to worry about while you're on vacation—the weather, the food, and whether or not you'll be able to sleep on the plane—so it's crucial to ensure you have all your essentials in order before you leave. This means packing things like sunscreen, water bottles, and emergency snacks and ensuring your identity is secure. One way to protect your identity while on vacation is by using our identity secure badge holder. While your ID, credit card, or other essential items are tucked away into this identity secure badge holder, the RFID protecting shield is enabled. While this is on, the RFID blocking agents are in use, ensuring that unwanted thieves can't read signals off your card to steal your information. When you want to use your card, simply squeeze the tabs to release for easy access. You don't even have to remove your card from the case! The great thing about this badge holder is that it won't lose its RFID blocking technology even in extreme conditions, making it the perfect accessory for the beach. 







We're sure you'll find the best badge holders for your beach trip this summer with these three types of badge holders. They are lightweight and fantastic accessories to fight off water, sand, and dirt. Depending on your badge holder needs, there are several options available. Head to the Specialist ID website to check out all the badge holders and other accessories you might need for your beach trip. 

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