Top 4 Lanyards for Men

Top 4 Lanyards for Men

Specialist ID provides lanyards, ID cards, key chains, and all the supplies required for you to do your own card printing. We have curated a list of the top lanyards for men nonetheless, all of our lanyards can be worn by all genders. Discover our top picks for men below!

What are Lanyard?

Lanyards are straps or cords that are worn around the neck and used to hold items such as keys, identification cards, or small electronic devices. They can be worn by people of any gender, including men. Lanyards are a convenient way to keep important items easily accessible and within reach. They can be especially useful for people who need to carry multiple items or who work in environments where it is important to keep track of their belongings. There are many different styles and materials available for lanyards, so you should be able to find one that suits your needs and personal style.

Cool Lanyards For Guys

1. Earth Friendly Breakaway Bamboo Wide Flat Lanyard

This lanyard is one of our most eco-friendly lanyards yet. It is made out of natural bamboo fibers which means that when you throw it away after decades of use, it won’t contaminate the soil as synthetic fibers do. Aside from the plastic hook, this lanyard is completely biodegradable.

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable resources and environmentally sound plants on Earth. Due to its rapid regrowth cycle and 25% higher yield than timber it can be harvested with virtually no impact on the environment. It can be grown in soil damaged by overgrazing or poor agricultural technique truly making this a green product.

You can get this lanyard in three colors: Black, Navy Blue, and Forest Green.

This breakaway lanyard has all the functionalities of a regular lanyard. It even features the “breakaway” function meaning the lanyard will break-off if it gets caught in something so you are not at risk of being harmed in any way.




earth friendly black bamboo lanyard


2. Recycled Pet Earth Friendly 3/8“ Lanyard

These lanyards are made from recycled materials meaning they make less of an impact on our environment. The key ring or badge holder is a wide no-twist hook which will keep your ID looking forward for others to easily see. This lanyard is compatible with the clear vinyl cardholder.



earth friendly lanyard



3. Rainbow Lanyard With Swivel Hook

If you like stripe webbing for a man (the design with colored stripes on belts) then you will love this striped neck lanyard for keys and IDs! Classical soft stripe webbing is ideal if you want to add a touch of color to your day and outfits. Especially for those men and women who wear a lot of black.








4. Black Security Lanyard

This neck lanyard’s key chain is nickel-plated resembling the golden heavy-duty metal everyone is so fond of. Keyrings in luxury golden colors are not very common but we have created a similar effect with our nickel-plated steel hooks for attaching ID badges and more. Our luxury golden heavy-duty hooks will keep your ID in place for the public to easily view and allow you fast access into institutions.
black security lanyard

5. Black Nylon ID Lanyard

This sleek black EK ID lanyard by EK USA is made out of 100% pure nylon rope, and at 22” of length, this American designed and assembled EK ID Badge holder was designed to let you carry multiple keys and ID's on a heavy duty lanyard. It has a rubber safety breakaway feature in the back and a rugged "no frills" look and feel. Also has a rubber adjuster to customize a tight or more loose fit. The attached hook holds your keys, IDs, USB memory sticks or any other small items that are hookable.




Badge Lanyards for Everyone

At Specialist ID we invest time and energy to design the most practical and aesthetically pleasing lanyards for men, women and all genders. You can find lanyards for women in black, green, red, and many other colors! 

Final Thoughts

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