Trends in ID Accessories

Trends in ID Accessories

The identification badge business is ever evolving. 

As technology changes and workplace settings adjust, so too do the needs of identifying employees. This year, especially, has seen changes in the workplace with thousands of people switching to working from home due to the coronavirus. And that’s meant a shift in ID usage. 

However, amidst all that, businesses still need ID tools, from badges to lanyards, visitor management equipment to card printing tools

So what are the hot new products coming down the ID accessory pike? In this guide we’ll look at 6 trends in ID accessories.

ID Placement Changes

The lanyard has been the go-to tool for wearing an ID badge for ages. But that’s not always the most convenient or comfortable option in all industries. 

That’s why the ID badge universe has expanded to include arm bands, belt holders, neck wallets, and more. By giving ID wearers options, people can choose the best ID placement for them—something that won’t interfere with their job duties, while still allowing them to access work spaces, identify themselves, and handle the many tasks in a given day. 

Increase in Visitor Management System Usage 

According to Traction Guest, “global companies are viewing visitor management systems as a mission-critical security and facility operations tool.” 

In its 2019 survey, respondents ranked the importance of a VMS as an 8.6 out of 10, with compliance and security as significant benefits to an organization. Not only do businesses want to be safer places and are therefore investing in the tools—it’s also that customers, clients, patients, and students are demanding them. 

But you don’t have to invest in a super expensive VMS to increase security. Specialist ID offers all the software necessary to get started immediately for $845.00 — a bargain compared to some systems on the market today.

ID Badge Personalization

No one wants to feel like another cog in an industry wheel. Being seen as an individual is more and more important regardless of career. 

That’s why so many teachers and nurses have made a point to personalize their badges with Badge Buddy accessories. Using the longer piece of an ID badge that hangs at the bottom, these creative people have attached clips and pins representing all kinds of things from their favorite dog to important causes like Autism, to dress up their badges.

Entire Etsy stores have been developed strictly for this purpose, giving people a chance to really show their personality through an otherwise utilitarian accessory. And Specialist ID makes adding flair to a badge even easier by selling a variety of badge buddies in varying lengths and sizes.

Statement Lanyards

When starting a new job, often the company gives staff the requisite ID badge with a matching lanyard. 

But most jobs don’t require you to use only that one lanyard for your entire career. And why would you, when the trend now is to show a little personality with a specialty lanyard? Maybe it’s a stylish option, like Specialist ID’s chevron pattern or something more near and dear to your heart, like Breast Cancer Awareness with this lanyard. Whatever the case or cause, more and more people are choosing a lanyard that makes a statement these days.

Sophisticated ID Holders

Protecting one’s identity is just as important as proving it. And that includes ID badges. 

But how do you keep our identity safe when the whole point of an ID badge is to showcase who you are? You turn to a company like Specialist ID that sells tools designed with this very intention. The Identity Stronghold IDSH1004-001B-002 Secure Badgeholder Classic, for instance, obscures your ID until you depress the exposure button to then showcase your photo and information. Or there’s the Magnetic Vertical Double Pocket Badge Holder which acts like a wallet, concealing your badge ID until you open it up for someone to review.

Or if you need something even more sophisticated, Specialist ID sells the Black EK Patriot Shielded RFID Blocking Two Card ID Badge Holder. This tool was designed to keep two government issued CAC or smart cards completely safe from unauthorized data skimming. So while people can see your badge, they can access it electronically, therefore keeping your identity safe. 

Badge Reels for Every Occasion

Contorting one’s body to scan an ID badge is not a good look. 

That’s where badge reels come in. The retractable tools allow you to stretch whatever you have attached—keys, an ID, a wallet or phone—to the necessary space. This extra allowance makes it easier to navigate secure work spaces while holding on to important items. 

Buy badge reels aren’t a one-size-fits-all affair. Everyone has different needs that’s why Specialist ID offers so many different badge reels. There are heavy duty badge reels like the Key-Bak Super 48 Heavy Duty Key Reel with Belt Clip that can hold up to 48 keys. Or the more stylish Heart Shaped EKG Themed Badge Reel with Swivel Spring Clip perfect for medical professionals. 

Whatever you require out of your ID badge, lanyard, or other security and ID accessories, Specialist ID has it.

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