4 Ways Badges and Lanyards Can Help Improve School Safety Measures

4 Ways Badges and Lanyards Can Help Improve School Safety Measures

Over the past several years, schools and educational facilities around the country have been forced to change their perspective on student and staff security drastically. With the growing number of security-related and violent incidents on school grounds, administrators and security officers are doing all they can to bolster their existing resources with additional tools to tighten up and secure their campuses. 

In today’s ever-changing world, relying on basic security measures will simply not be enough to adequately or confidently protect school classrooms, hallways, and common areas. But how can you build a reliable strategy for making your school’s security more robust and resilient? Specialist ID has developed a few developmental reasons why badges and lanyards can be highly effective.

ID Badges Help Control Access for Enrolled Students

Students who are currently enrolled can be easily identified from those who are not, who are from a different campus, or who have had certain access privileges revoked with school ID cards. Active students can easily access the buildings, locker rooms, libraries, cafeterias, auditoriums, parking areas, and other facilities. At the same time, those who are not enrolled at your particular campus cannot. Having a school ID card that is worn at all times can also help security and resource staff identify individuals who are not permitted to be at the school to be addressed appropriately, effectively, and quickly before there is a larger issue. 

Add Customized Badges to Include Instant Visual Security

With an increased number of students and school staff being required to wear their ID badge credentials throughout the school day, both personal badges and lanyards can be customized as a method of instant visual security. These high-quality custom accessories can be imprinted with your school’s name, mascot, and colors to provide an at-a-glance identification of a student, teacher, or staff member, even if their badge is not immediately visible. For additional safety, schools tend to choose breakaway lanyards. The breakaway feature is uniquely designed with two sturdy plastic clasps that easily snap together. It automatically separates under pressure or physical stress and pulls apart, reducing the risk of choking. 





ID Badge Cards Allow Access Control

ID cards give schools the ability to determine who should or shouldn’t have access to certain areas of their campus and buildings. With modern school ID cards equipped with access code systems, these cards can even allow entry to specific rooms only if their barcode has been properly scanned and accepted. The checking of ID cards can also ensure that individuals who are to be attending an event or school trip are who they say they are. Knowing whether or not students and certain staff members are indeed allowed access to specific areas improves security measures for everyone.


Monitor Visitor Management 

Monitoring your school’s visitors, such as parents, relatives, or volunteers, is key to any school security program. For both large and small schools, it’s important to know who is in your building and how you can identify them. Monitoring all the visitors at your school can be a real challenge. How do you decide which type of visitor badge is the right choice for your organization with the options available today? Some come in the form of stickers, pre-printed badges, and printable badges. You can also customize your badges with your school name and mascot. Visiting badges can easily be placed on clothing with an adhesive back or a badge clip and work effectively for all schools. 




At Specialist ID, we can help your students and faculty members always keep their ID cards, badges, and lanyards protected and conveniently on hand and visible with our wide array of ID accessory products. From ID badge holders in a wide variety of styles to many types of lanyards to go with, you can find the exact school ID accessory product that works best for your safety needs. Our helpful staff is waiting to assist you in selecting the perfect items for you and your team and answering any questions you may have. You can head over to our website to browse and get in touch with us. We look forward to assisting you with all of your school badge needs.

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