What To Gift Your Favorite Nurses For National Nurse Day

National Nurses Week is celebrated every year to shine a spotlight on the incredible nurses across the country who have devoted their lives to the betterment of the lives of others. National Nurses Day is held annually on May 6 to raise awareness of nurses' critical role in society. We take this opportunity to recognize, appreciate, and invest in the nurses we know or work with every day and the entire nursing industry as a whole.

Because of the global COVID-19 pandemic, nurses have sacrificed free time, lost sleep, and risked their own well-being, all to keep us healthy. They have been doing heroic work, and it’s the perfect opportunity to show our appreciation during this National Nurses Day. Take a look at a few gifts you can get through Specialist ID to celebrate all nurses.

The RN horizontal badge buddy will let everyone know who you are and your position, making it easier for nurses to identify themselves. With it being printed on both sides, nurses won’t have to worry about maintaining badge visibility. The sturdy plastic material allows this product to bend without breaking, making for a long-lasting and durable badge buddy. With various color choices and an additional rainbow option, these badge buddies add just the right amount of character to a badge.






Due to its standout factor, the Pink heart-shaped badge reel is another perfect gift that any nurse would appreciate. These badge reels can be attached to your shirt or scrubs, allowing your hands freedom of movement. This badge reel is great for nurses who choose to wear their ID badge without it becoming tangled in their lanyard. The clip at the end can be attached to any badge with a hole. Equipped with a swivel that pulls in any direction, it is easy to swipe or scan any card.





Nurses can also add a little fun to their favorite nurse’s work outfit with one of these fashionably durable silver metallic non-breakaway lanyards. The silver strand embedded into the braided lanyard takes it from a functional item to a fashionable one. Use this lanyard to up your daily style quotient, or reserve it for special occasions. These lanyards are available in five different color options to suit a variety of preferences and tastes. 





Another super handy tool for nurses is the Stethoscope tag. It attaches to their stethoscope to quickly identify each nurse’s device. These tags perfectly fit all staff stethoscopes, and they also won’t move or slide down when examining a patient. When stethoscopes all look the same, a tag helps nurses quickly know which one is theirs—and personalizing them is also a great way to remind them of your appreciation.

Truly all nurses are thankful for any gift they receive. You don’t have to get them something really expensive; however, anything work-related will encourage their work morale. It’s more important to give them something thoughtful, supportive, and from the heart. Nurses lead with the heart, and Specialist ID can help you find and turn an ordinary gift into a gift with much thought behind it. Check out our website and look at our useful products.

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