4 Minimal Accessories for a Simple Look

4 Minimal Accessories for a Simple Look

We all love a little simplicity in our life. Work life can be hectic and you may be looking for something to keep it all organized. Specialist ID offers simple work accessories that can help. Customizing isn’t necessary here, but it is an option. Simple accessories present professionalism in the workplace. Here are four minimal accessories perfect for your work life.  

Badge Reel

The Black Badge Reel with Clear Vinyl Strap and Belt Clip is a standard badge reel that speeds up the time it takes to grasp an ID badge, keys, or swipe a card. This product is great for corporations, hospitals, small businesses, and anything under the sun that is looking for a simple and helpful workplace accessory. When work accessories are simplified, workflow is improved. 

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This reel is retractable and includes a belt clip to easily attach to any sized belt. The vinyl strap is great for slipping through hole punched ID cards and badge holders to easily snap and secure in place. The color provides a professional, sleek appearance that is sure to provide a simple look.

This badge reel is simple by its look and functionality. It will not easily break and makes access to buildings seamless. For those jobs that require an ID scan, this product is handy to enter secure checkpoints, such as computer terminals requiring a magnetic strip scan. This badge reel can make company productivity better when there are hundreds of employees attempting to enter the site. 


The Standard Non-Breakaway Lanyard with a Metal Swivel Hook is the best in quality lanyard. It is a round braided lanyard with a nickel-plated metal swivel hook allowing attachment to punched ID cards and badge holders. This product can also hold keys if needed. 

This is a traditional lanyard that is seen on most individuals at events, which is why it provides simplicity. From conferences to professional meetings, this lanyard is beneficial for any form of gathering. It is simple and economically priced to make it the first option when exploring lanyards.

Luggage Tag 

The Frosted Rigid Plastic Luggage Tag Holder has a clear center and allows the buyer to choose a solid color for its surrounding area. There is a clear worm loop included to seamlessly attach to luggage. You can insert a paper slip with your name, address, and phone number on there or a business card with your information provided. Photo identification can also be placed in the holder for quick identification of your luggage. 

Your product is sturdy and secured when the clear loop is attached to your checked in bags or carry-on. You can apply the tag to a briefcase or anything else of value to ensure if it is lost, it will be found. The sizing within the product is made for a business card or credit card size. Keeping it standard to provide less hassle for travelers. 

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Badge Holder

The Heavy Duty Vinyl Vertical Badge Holder with Resealable Top is the simplest of its kind. The top is resealable by a zipper to keep out dirt, moisture to fog up your ID, or any other unwanted substances from entering. This product can store up to three standard sized cards. You simply slide your cards through the top of the badge holder and seal the zip shut like a ziplock bag, but sturdier, keeping the badges safe and secure.

Your badges will be visible vertically. There are slots and chain holes on the badge holder that are present to attach a lanyard, badge reel, ID strap clip, or anything else to conveniently carry your IDs. This is a great product for managing visitors and any work setting that requires an ID badge, ticket pass, or credential to enter the building/areas within the building. 

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Specialist ID is here to help you find exactly what you’re looking for to achieve that simple look. We strive to satisfy our consumers and keep giving them more. Specialist ID experts can help with purchasing bulk orders if that is what you are searching for today. 

Contact us to learn more or browse products at SpecialistID. We are honored to guide you through the right accessories to keep it professional and clean at work. 

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