8 Ways to Protect Your ID Badge

8 Ways to Protect Your ID Badge

An ID card can be a great thing. It can easily showcase a person’s name and title while allowing them to access work spaces or secure information. But it can also be a liability, especially if an ID falls into the wrong hands. Using one’s personal information, say name and title on an ID card, can still be a front door to opening a new account, taking out a loan, or a number of other miscellaneous types of fraud.

That’s why more and more people are looking for ways to protect their ID badges. Whether by means of a concealing holder or a more advanced obscuring device, the demand for protected badge tools is a growing concern. Fortunately, Specialist ID, a leader in the ID badge industry, has dozens of solutions to help people keep their IDs safe. In this guide we’ll look at 8 ways to protect your ID badge.

8 Ways to ensure ID Card Protection

1. Hide and Conceal

If you’re looking to, in the words of Lord of the Rings wizard Gandalf, “Keep it secret. Keep it safe,” take a look at Specialist ID’s Witz Waterproof Surf Safe with Breakaway Lanyard and Carabiner. Basically a plastic pouch for your ID, this container doubles as a waterproof wallet, perfect for hiding and protecting an ID badge. For those who face inclement weather in their jobs, this protector works wonders and can be worn under clothing to hide it even further. 






2. Chip Protector

Smart card chips are becoming more popular as a means of providing personal identification, authentication, data storage, and application processing. But with that comes the concern of chip skimmers. Basically chip skimmers are devices that enable thieves to steal card data and, if they feel so inclined, use it for ill. SkimSAFE FIPS 201 RFID Blocking 2-Card ID Holder can prevent this. This two-card holder protects chips, blocking any unwanted communication with its FIPS 201 Approved SkimSAFE design, the ultimate badge holder peace of mind. 




3. Armed and Ready

Even with super strong plastic, a lanyard-laced badge holder can feel too exposed. Tucked under a shirt, it’s often still visible. For those who want to conceal their badge entirely while still keeping in on their person, there’s the Vertical Armband Badge Holder. The adjustable band can fit under or over clothing making it versatile for the wearer. Plus, multiple IDs slide into the top of the holder for secure and protected hold with easy access to be removed if necessary.




4. Obscure Solutions

Want your ID to only be visible when you say so? Then the only option is the Identity Stronghold IDSH1004-001B-002 Secure Badgeholder Classic. This Specialist ID tool is made of extremely durable polycarbonate that uses Our Squeeze to Read technology allowing the wearer to only make the ID visible when they squeeze tabs at the top. This decreases the risk of identity theft, invasion of privacy, tracking, or card cloning while keeping an ID badge secure and in a handsome holder. 


5. Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Basically a magnetic wallet, this sophisticated Magnetic Vertical Double Pocket Badge Holder from Specialist ID keeps IDs completely covered until the wearer wants to open the pocket and expose them. With space for two cards, this can hold a work ID and a driver’s license, credit card, or any other card item. And it won’t flop around in a pocket. The magnets ensure that magnetic cards are shielded and won’t move to avoid damaging/erasing the data on magnetically encoded badges.








6. Frosted For Your Safety

The Frosted Horizontal Rigid Plastic Card Dispenser with Red Extractor Slide is a great means of protection for two reasons:

1) Its rigid frosted plastic keeps cards safe and obscured and

2) Its slide mechanism allows the user to pull out an ID card at a moment’s notice. 

7. Float On

Sometimes protecting an ID is all about making sure it doesn’t get damaged. That’s where Specialist ID’s Black EK Guardian ID Badge Holder with Detachable Lanyard comes in. Not only is this badge holder made of impact resistant plastic, it’s hung on a nylon rope, is water resistant, and floats.





8. On Your Neck

Lanyard wallets can help protect your ID badge by providing a secure and convenient way to wear and carry it. These wallets typically feature a clear plastic pouch that can hold your ID badge, as well as a lanyard or neck strap that allows you to wear it around your neck or attach it to your clothing. By keeping your ID badge in a secure and visible location, you can reduce the risk of losing or misplacing it, as well as prevent unauthorized access to secure areas or sensitive information. Additionally, some lanyard wallets may feature additional security features, such as RFID-blocking technology, which can help protect against identity theft and other forms of electronic fraud. Overall, using a lanyard wallet can be a simple and effective way to protect your ID badge while keeping it easily accessible when you need it.



10 Tips for Choosing the Perfect ID Badge Holder

1. Wear your ID badge in a visible and secure location, such as on a lanyard around your neck or on a clip attached to your clothing.

2. Avoid leaving your ID badge unattended, and keep it on your person at all times. If you need to remove it, store it in a secure place.

3. Choose an ID badge holder or sleeve that is durable and protective, such as a hard plastic case or a leather wallet.

4. Keep your ID badge clean and free from damage by wiping it down regularly with a soft cloth or using a protective spray.

5. Avoid bending or twisting your ID badge, as this can cause it to become damaged or unusable.

6. Be mindful of who you share your ID badge with, and never lend it to someone else. This can prevent unauthorized access to secure areas or sensitive information.

7. Use a badge reel to easily extend your ID badge for scanning without having to remove it from your person.

8. If your ID badge has a barcode or magnetic stripe, be sure to protect it from scratches and wear that could make it unreadable.

9. Report a lost or stolen ID badge immediately to prevent unauthorized access to secure areas or sensitive information.

10. Consider using a multi-factor authentication system in conjunction with your ID badge, such as a PIN or biometric scan, for added security.


Whether you’re protecting important chip data or your own identity, these badge holders can help keep an ID secure at all times! Check out other Specialist ID products ranging from as far as badge buddies to badge reels!

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