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5 Ways To Acquire The Most Cost-effective Deals For Your Company’s Badge Holders

As the boss of your business, buying the right equipment for your employees is crucial. The right gear can increase the team’s morale, overall productivity, and efficiency. However, buying badge holders and lanyards does not have to be a major expense from your budget. With Specialist ID, you can get all of the great products you need while still saving a few dollars. Here are five ways you can get the best bang for your buck when supplying your company. 

Sign Up For Perks

If you have not signed up for the emailing list, you may be missing out on important deals. Stay connected with the latest arrivals, newest offers, and multiple discount codes to help you get what you need at the lowest price. Receive 10% off your first order when you sign up and create your Specialist ID account!

Buy In Bulk

Another method to get your employees their essentials in a cost-effective way is by buying in bulk. Most of our practical products, such as badge holders and lanyards, have the option to be bought individually or in bulk. The larger the quantity, the higher the discount that will be applied (it can range from 4% to 34% off). Refer to the chart next to your desired product to see how much needs to be bought in order to receive each discount.

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Why keep all of the deals to yourself when you can share them with the whole team? Give your friends a reward and claim your own when they make their first purchase. They will receive a $15 off coupon and you will receive a $20 off coupon as well to spend on badges, lanyards, and more—it’s a win for everybody!

Become A Member

In addition to signing up for the emailing list and referring your friends, you can become a Specialist ID member. By becoming a member, you will have more ways to unlock exciting perks and access exclusive rewards you won’t see anywhere else. There is no additional cost for membership. Sign up now to save on badges and lanyards!

Earn Identification Dollars

You can earn Identification Dollars from multiple actions and events such as placing an order (1 Identification Dollar for every $1 spent), following and sharing on social media (50 Identification Dollars for each), and even celebrating a birthday (125 Identification Dollars). You can turn all of the Identification Dollars you earn into awesome rewards! The next time you check out, you can apply your Dollars to your purchase and receive a discount. The discount is valid on badges, lanyards, and more! Sign up to create your account and immediately receive 25 Identification Dollars!

Changing how your employees operate and improving the morale within your business should not break the bank. Specialist ID offers great deals and numerous ways to save because we want companies to be as successful as possible. Explore our vast number of products and find what you need at a low cost.

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