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5 Types of Badge Holders You Can Buy In Bulk For Your Business

If you're a business owner or boss, you already know how important it is to set your employees up for success with the right tools, support, and equipment. The right equipment can be beneficial. Why? It's often among the few concrete, visible things that signal to employees that they're all on the same team. This, in turn, can boost team morale, promote productivity, and improve efficiency. For this reason, providing your employees with custom badge holders can be an easy and incredibly affordable investment in your business.  

Vertical Armband ID Badge Holders

If lanyards are a safety hazard at your workplace, the Vertical Armband ID Holder with an elastic band and hook-and-loop clasp is perfect for your employees. They can have their ID badge on display at all times while keeping their hands free and retaining their full range of motion. This fully adjustable badge holder is available in multiple colors and is metal-free to prevent setting off metal detectors or security systems. 

Black Vertical Armband ID Badge Holders with Elastic Band and Hook and Loop Clasp (ABH-V) ABH-V-BLACK

Identity Stronghold Secure Badgeholder Classic

The FIPS 201 approved Identity Stronghold Secure Plastic ID Badge Holder Classic is perfect for when the demands of the job keep your employees' hands full or require gloves. The Squeeze to Read™ technology allows the card to be read by squeezing the tabs at the top while the ID badge stays locked in. As if this didn't already provide enough security, the opaque sleeve blocks unauthorized readings of RFID chips in cards. This all but eliminates the risk of identity theft, invasion of privacy, tracking, or even card cloning.

Identity Stronghold IDSH1004-001B-002 Secure Badgeholder Classic

Vertical Vinyl Color Frame Badge Holder

If your business requires multiple teams for projects or collaborative work, then the Vertical Badge Holder is a great way to help teams differentiate themselves according to badge color. With seven bold colors to choose from and a vinyl horizontal badge holder option, your teams will be able to quickly identify each other and enjoy the sense of solidarity of having something visibly in common. Utilize this badge holder to add an extra layer of visitor management for company events or even to delineate various departments or management tiers.  

Vertical Vinyl Color Frame Badge Holder (P/N 1820-300x)

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Three Card Vertical ID Badge Holder B-Holder

The Three Card Vertical ID Badge Holder B-Holder is a plastic badge holder with a clear front to make employees' IDs highly visible at all times. It can securely hold up to three credit-card-sized IDs without the risk of them bending or cracking. This badge holder is sold in packs of 50 in clear or metallic gray, so there is more than enough to go around for even the largest of teams. 

Three Card Vertical ID Badge Holder B-Holder (Holds up to 3 ID Badges)

Vinyl Credential Neck Wallet

The Vinyl Credential Neck Wallet with an adjustable lanyard is ideal for employees who need all of their essentials easily accessible. (No more wasting valuable time searching for lost or misplaced items.) Its front and back feature a clear vinyl pocket for displaying a badge or credential pass, and it sports a pen-holder for jotting notes down on the go. There's also a zippered pocket that's perfect for storing small personal items such as credit cards, cash, a passport, or a small pad of paper. Go even further and have this product customized with your company or department logo. Contact us for details.

Boosting team morale, promoting productivity, and improving efficiency are all in a day's work. With the right tools, support, and equipment, you can change how your employees operate and elevate your company culture. And remember, the more you buy, the more you save with our bulk pricing! Visit Specialist ID for even more products to increase employee solidarity and fuel your company's success! 

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