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4 Badge Holders Gift Ideas for Your Boss, Best Work Buddy, or Other Workplace Heroes

The people you get to spend your workday with can make or break it. Having a great boss or close work buddy can be the difference between hating and loving your job. When you have a boss that truly sets you up for success or a work buddy, teammate, or colleague that has your back, your workday can be something you look forward to, even if the work is challenging. If you're looking for a simple, practical, affordable gift for your Workplace Heroes — the people at work who help keep you happy, sane, energized, and empowered — here are a few ideas they'll be sure to love! 

Silicone Cell Phone Wallet

Help your Workplace Heroes keep all of their essentials secure with the Silicone Cell Phone Wallet. It can easily hold two standard credit card-sized ID cards and has an adhesive backing to attach to the back of their phone. This allows them to keep their photo ID, debit or credit card, driver's license, or public transportation cards in one convenient location. Plus, this phone wallet is available in four different colors to suit their personal preferences!

Silicone Cell Phone Wallet (SPID-050X)

Waterproof ID Badge Holder

The Witz See It Safe Waterproof Card Holder is a versatile gift for your Workplace Heroes that can store up to ten standard-size ID badges and anything else from credit cards to driver's licenses to keys. This holder can stand up to anything the office or the great outdoors can dish out with a crush-resistant, waterproof shell that keeps important items safe and dry while on the go. Available in eight translucent color options, it also comes with a nylon lanyard, a breakaway clip, and a carabiner for multiple carrying options. 

Witz See It Safe Waterproof ID Badge Holder (P/N 004)

Vertical Armband ID Badge Holder

The Vertical Armband ID Holders with Zipper Top is ideal for Workplace Heroes who need to show their ID badge at all times but are not permitted to wear a lanyard for safety reasons. The resealable zippered closure can hold one or more standard credit card-sized ID cards. The armband is adjustable to fit arms of all sizes, and its flexible construction ensures it moves comfortably with you.  

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Navy Blue Vertical Armband ID Badge Holders with Zipper Top (504-ARZB & 504-ARZW) 504-ARZB

2-Sided Multi-Card Holder

The heavy-duty 2-Sided Rigid Vertical Multi-Card Holder is an ideal product for ensuring your Workplace Heroes can keep essential credentials with them at all times. One side of this card holder features an open face to ensure your ID can be readily displayed. On the other side, a closed compartment safeguards up to three ID cards or six business cards. The rigid plastic of this heavy-duty model is available in a wide variety of colors and prevents cards from breaking or bending. And whether your Workplace Hero prefers to keep their ID in their pocket or attached to one of our many styles of lanyards, it holds their IDs safely and securely.

2-Sided Rigid Vertical Multi-Card Holder (1840-308X)

Workplace Heroes make the difference between a job you dread and one you look forward to. Showing your appreciation with any one of these simple, practical, and affordable gifts will be sure to touch their heart and make their day. To find even more gift options for the people who help keep you happy, sane, energized, and empowered at work, visit the Specialist ID website to see our huge collection of badge holders and other workplace accessories! 

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