4 Best Gift Ideas For Employees Back To Work

As workplaces welcome back employees to their offices, everyone will once again go through a period of change. Adjusting to a new routine can be difficult and the process will be different for everyone. It’s exciting to start to go back to normal and see familiar faces. Bosses and managers who want to make the experience a little more inviting can give a few presents to their staff as welcome gifts.

Here are the four best gift ideas for employees going back to work.

Custom Printed Badge Reel

For workplaces that require IDs to be worn at all times, a badge reel is a perfect gift! The clip at the end attaches to the hole in your badge and the reel extends so you can easily scan the card. There is a clip at the back that can be attached to your shirt pocket or collar so you can wear it and display your ID. The company logo can be printed on the round space of the badge reel and all employees can match one another. Everyone can walk around the office with the same badge reel, making it feel like there is a team that’s all working together.


Rigid Badge Holder

To extend the life of your employees’ ID badges, a badge holder will keep it safe from daily wear and tear. It can hold up to two cards and has a divider in the middle. The thumb hole allows for you to slide out a card whenever you need to swipe or scan it. The hard plastic case lessens the risk of snapping your card or chipping at the edges. It also makes it harder for your card to slip between cracks in your car or other places. Having longer lasting ID cards makes you reprint cards less, which can save the company money.

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Custom Badge Reel and Lanyard Combo

To have a traditional lanyard for your ID with the benefits of a badge reel, a combination of both is available! A customized lanyard badge reel combo has the best features that are convenient for everyday use. Your company logo can be printed on the front and can be a great way to identify who works for the company. Anyone without this exact lanyard might be a visitor or outside contractor, which is an easy way to maintain visitor management. 

Another great feature of this lanyard is the breakaway clasp at the back. The lanyard will come apart if pulled on, so it is not pulling at the neck. If you were to get caught on a doorknob or heavy machinery, the lanyard falls before you get hurt.

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Touch-Free Tool

Now that you’re back in the office and sharing space with others, you might have a heightened awareness of the germs you’re also spreading. High-touch surfaces like doorknobs and elevator buttons are used frequently throughout the day and avoiding them can be difficult. With a no touch door opener tool, you can open doors and press buttons without ever touching them. The heavy duty tool has a hook that can pull doors with ease. The end is able to be used on buttons, touch screens, and other things that are usually accessed with fingers. This lessens the use of direct contact with hands.

Getting back in the office is a great change of pace for your employees. Have everything they need ready for when they come back with the help of Specialist ID! We are happy to offer the best gifts for your dedicated staff!

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