5 Safety Benefits of an RFID-Blocking Badge Holder

5 Safety Benefits of an RFID-Blocking Badge Holder

In an increasingly digital world, all of our information is available in the cloud. For many of us, our personal and employee data is online and can easily be compromised if security measures are not in place. 

If your organization uses radio-frequency identification (RFID) in your IDs, you may be in a vulnerable position regarding cybersecurity. By securing your ID in an RFID-blocking badge holder, risk of stolen data significantly decreased.

Here are 5 safety benefits of using RFID-blocking badge holders.

Securing your personal Information

Basic personal information such as your name and employee ID number can be compromised and exploited through unauthorized scanning of your ID. This can allow a hacker to gain access to your organization’s server, as well as employee-only areas at your work site. 

If you just need your ID to scan in for work and don’t need to slide it, consider a badge holder that opens with just a pinch like the Identity Stronghold Secure Badgeholder. This badge holder allows for easy, one-handed opening so you can scan your ID easily. Inside the holder, it’s protected by an RFID-blocking electromagnetically opaque sleeve. This material is what makes external scanners difficult to pick up the information and data in IDs.

Credit Card Safety 

One popular way hackers steal credit card information is to use their scanners in crowds. If your card uses RFID technology, this is cause for concern. If your credit card is stored away in a RFID-blocking badge holder or in a shielded credit card sleeve, the scanners will not be able to pick up the radio signal.


The DuoLite Badgeholder is a secure badge holder that conveniently holds two cards that can be protected. All you have to do to have full access to your card is to slide if halfway out of the holder! There are a variety of colors available and the ergonomic design allows for removal of a card with one hand. 

Keeping Your Card Clean

Besides keeping your data secure, a plastic and polycarbonate cover will hold your card in place and safe from chipping. Some holders are completely covered and hold your card in a snap case, while others have an open face. The open face prevents debris and liquid from collecting inside. 

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Staying Contactless

Working at an in-person office with a high amount of movement can lead to plenty of germs being passed around. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, keeping our frequently used items sanitized is of high importance. An RFID-blocking badge not only keeps your ID safe from data intrusion, but also from germs it can collect from frequent removal, use, and replacement. If you have a card system that allows scanning without having to slide the card, this is an easy way to use the ID holder. Also, a badge holder that opens to reveal the card or slides out may be easier to scan since it opens, allowing you to scan it without a plastic face covering the card.

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Protection Against Different Devices

Depending on your organization's visitor management and security measures and what type of scanner they use, different frequencies and ranges for RFID cards and devices will be in place. High protection badge holders protect the data on your card from skimming (when hackers intercept the radio wave from the RFID to collect data).

For instance, the DuoLite holder works for TWIC, HSPD-12 PIV, CAC, HID iClass, LincPass and other RFID enabled cards. Check with your technology and security department to make sure your ID cards fall under these types for this holder to work properly.

Whether you need a single badge or 1,000, our team can help. Visit SpecialistID to view all of our RFID blocking badge holders today.
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