Badge holders for government employees

3 Badge Holder Designs For Government Employees

As a government employee, you’ll need to ensure that your identification is secure and visible. Security and other personnel must verify identities, especially for agencies with stricter policies, and having your badge visible can quicken the process. 

Some badge holders contain metal products, so keep that in mind if your job requires a metal detector test to enter. However, many badge holders do not contain metal and are designed with government employees in mind; here are three examples.

EK Black Lanyard with Dual-Sided Smart Card Holder

The dual-sided smart ID card holder with lanyard completes two requirements: it’s accessible and it’s secure. The cardholder stays slim to maintain a lightweight, but the durable plastic can withstand wear and tear as well. The holder is also designed to carry two forms of identification, one in the front and one in the back, so you can use two IDs by simply turning the holder over.

Lanyards already provide excellent fastening, so you don’t lose your badges, and the dual-sided smart cardholder upgrades a normal lanyard. The nylon rope provides a breakaway lanyard feature should the lanyard get caught on furniture, and there is an adjustable clinch for additional comfort. This badge holder is one of our most versatile options, but there are more options for government employees with other needs, such as additional room for more than two badges.

Military Neck ID Badge Holder

The military lanyard badge holder is a great alternative if your identifications vary in size and if you require additional protection from the elements. Instead of plastic, this holder is constructed out of vinyl that can be peeled back and re-sealed thanks to the Velcro lining. When the badge holder opens, two pockets reveal on each side, which can hold your identification, credit cards, and other badges or cards. 

The pockets are larger than the usual badge holders contain, allowing for more versatility and a larger quantity of necessities. Once you insert anything you need into the pockets, the Velcro re-seals and maintains the positions of the content, so you don’t need to worry about your badges moving as you walk. 

Vertical Government Oversize Magnetic ID Badge Holder

With plenty of options for wearing badge holders around your neck, you may start to wonder if additional options exist. In that case, good news: for government employees who prefer to attach their badge holders to a pocket rather than wear them around their neck, Specialist ID offers the magnetic badge holder. The badge holder comes equipped with a magnet, so it will remain securely attached to your clothing. Don’t worry about the magnet damaging your identification, credit cards, or other badges, because a shield separates the magnet from the holder’s content.

We hope these three badge holder designs fit your needs; if not, we always have alternate badge holders in stock, so we encourage you to check out our options, and pick the design you like most. If you have any questions or would like additional information regarding Specialist ID badge holders, contact us online any time and an expert will assist you.

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