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Magnetic Badge Holders


Magnetic Name Badge Holders for Sale

While attending a job fair, recruiters and job seekers alike want to meet at a middle ground. Recruiters want to find a large pool of candidates for their open positions, and job seekers want to distribute their resumes to the employers they want. They both want to introduce themselves and verify who they are.

Alternatively, a security desk needs to check IDs for bankers and clerks entering a building in a city’s Design District. The problem is that stopping everyone can take time, and employees may be fumbling with their briefcases while showing their ID and risk running tardy. Security also wants to process employees while signing in visitors.

All of these parties want to make a great first impression and to have a hassle-free ID. Some may use lanyards and travel IDs, which we also have in stock. Others may invest in a magnetic badge holder, and find the perfect fit for their company or career.

A magnetic badge holder can help when you want to show who you are in a professional setting. The two-piece ID holder clips over a coat lapel or a shirt pocket; the ID part goes on the front, and the magnetic attachment goes on the back. You can display your ID without needing your hands, and know it’s in a good spot for others to see.

Why Go For A Magnetic Personality?

Magnetic badge holders can clamp together around a shirt pocket to display a form of identification in a visible location. With one magnet inside the shirt and the other out in the open, they are convenient for keeping your ID's from hanging around your neck or on your belt loop. They are cheap and reusable, and we offer bulk discounts. You can also buy a badge holder for if you need to show your ID horizontally or vertically.

When you want people to know who you are, and you want to have a crisp, professional look, a magnetic badge holder can complete the look while serving as your ID. The magnets eliminate the need to use safety pins to hold a badge to your lapel, which in turn prevents fabrics and threads from getting torn. While clips are also useful, clips can bend and break over time, and they may just break the one day you need your ID to be prevalent. Unless you expose a magnet to heat, bang it with a hammer, or store with other magnets, it will last for a while.

For police ID and medical professionals on the go, the Magnetic Vertical Badge Holder - Data/Credit Card Size s a good starting place. Clip it to your shirtfront as you go through the day while directing traffic or viewing patients’ charts. To protect your credit and access cards, we have a shield from the magnetic clips and a plastic window for viewing ID.

If you don’t want the whole pocket, we have just the accessories for a name badge kit. The Small Round Magnetic Badge Holder With Sticky Back can assist with that conversion and make showing your ID highly convenient. The small round magnets can also be removed easily when you need to replace them. You can buy in bulk to give to your employees

Scope the Magnetic Badge Holder Field

At Specialist ID, we want to help you find the best magnetic badge holder for your job or your professional life. We also want to help you keep your ID safe. Contact us today to get started! Or, click here for more ID Badge Holders