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Below, you will find the most popular ID badge accessories used by companies all over the world. From rigid badge holders perfect for high impact/frequent use environments to badge reels with every attachment type imaginable, you can outfit even the most unique work environment.

If you are a professional in the corporate sector, you understand the importance of keeping your credentials highly visible and accessible. Having your credentials on hand keeps you organized for your daily tasks. Whether you are taking the lead on a big presentation or meeting colleagues at a networking event, you need a safe and trustworthy way to secure your identification and credential badges. At Specialist ID, we offer corporate employees a variety of lanyards, badge reels, badge holders, and buddies to make the 9-to-5 workday smooth and efficient. 

Every day, employees at large companies are collaborating with peers and introducing themselves to potential business partners. Lanyards and badge reels are both great and easy ways to safely hold ID cards. Lanyards comfortably hang around your neck, while badge reels can clip onto bags, belts, and clothing. Badge holders are protective sleeves that can clip onto lanyards and badge reels with a variety of end-fitting attachments. If you want to make your credentials even more identifiable, wear a badge buddy underneath your existing ID to make your role or credentials stand out. All of these products will allow for accurate identification, promote efficiency in all communications, and reduce the risk of losing or damaging your identification badges. Represent your enterprise in style and let our lanyards, badge reels, and holders help you make a great first impression. 

If this is your first search for accessories, and you feel overwhelmed by all the choices (who knew there were so many types of lanyards?) Please give us a call at 305-220-5500, and our team will be happy to work with you in finding the right pieces. If email is more your style, you can reach us at, or for big projects you can reach our dedicated enterprise team at

If you are a seasoned pro back for the 100th time, welcome back. If you find a product that your teams love, make sure to bookmark it as we update this page constantly to bring you the latest and greatest in badge accessories.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do you sell prox cards?

Yes, with global shortages on Chips and Prox-cards we offer many different styles of cards that are compatible with leading brands of card readers. For specific systems, please send us an email at or call our customer service team at 305-220-5500

2. I work in a rough/unique environment, will your products work?

We love a challenge! Our products have been used in almost every environment you can think of. For specific challenges such as high-heat, chemical, or high-impact, please give us a call to discuss what items would be right for your unique challenges.

3. My company is looking into rebranding, can you help with that?

Absolutely. We understand that rebranding involves many moving pieces and tight deadlines. To coordinate all of your needs, please send us an email or call and one of our advisors will work with you from start to finish on your project.

4. Is RFID necessary for my organization?

Maybe! To better understand what RFID is please check out our blog post [Safety Benefits of an RFID-Blocking Badge Holder] if you want to talk to a person about it, please feel free to give us a call at 305-220-5500

5. How long will it take to get my order?

If we could wave a wand and have it to you as soon as you order, we would! Right now, our standard shipping is taking 3-7 days depending on location. If you are trying to get items by a specific deadline or would like to expedite an order, please send us an email or give us a call and we will be happy to work with you on getting the order as soon as possible.

6. Can I get a sample of an item before placing a large order?

We offer free samples on most of our items. For specific products, please send an email to or call our friendly customer service team @305-220-5500.

7. Do you have any additional discounts for large orders?

For order sizes of over 10k units, we are often able to provide additional discounts. For orders of this size, please call 888-559-1940 and our advisors will be happy to find you as many savings as possible.