6 Reasons Badge Holders Streamline Hospital Operations

6 Reasons Badge Holders Streamline Hospital Operations

In busy hospital settings, doctors and nurses are always on-the-go. They wear their IDs and badges all day to identify themselves and gain access to certain parts of the building in order to meet with patients. With badge holders, daily operations are easier to perform. 

Here are six reasons badge holders streamline hospital operations. 

They Easily Attach To Lanyards

With a badge holder attached to a lanyard, your ID is on you at all times. This is a great alternative to punching a hole in your ID or any other card that you need. You can slide it into a protective sleeve that has pre-punched holes and display it whenever you need to.

Protects Your ID From Wear and Tear 

Storing your ID in a badge holder reinforces the card and prolongs it’s life. Oftentimes, an ID that is connected to a lanyard can break where the hole is. This leaves you with the option to punch another hole or get a new card. Also, wear and tear from daily use can scratch the surface or fade the ink, rendering the card useless. This makes it impossible for scanners to read the information embedded on the card. Instead of wearing out your card, putting it in a badge holder will allow you to use it for longer.

RFID Protects You From Hackers

A RFID badge holder with RFID technology blocks card cloning and the risk of identity theft. This can be helpful to protect secure areas of the hospitals and block hackers from gaining access to it’s servers. Having a breach in security can significantly slow down the important functions of hospitals, so another layer of protection will ensure the staff are safe.

When you need to scan your ID, just press down the clip and you’re good to go! When it’s open, the card is readable while it’s still in the badge holder. This can easily be done with one hand or while wearing gloves. Once you are done scanning your card, close the badge holder and your card is protected from unauthorized scanning once again.

Can Be Worn To Your Arm

If you are dealing with heavy machinery, an armband badge holder is great for having freedom to move your hands. Wearing the badge on your arm lowers your risk of it getting caught in something, like a traditional lanyard might. Reflective material adds a layer of safety which can be helpful in low-light conditions.

Holds Multiple Cards

If you need multiple cards on you, a multi-card badge holder can easily store them all! A clear and waterproof badge holder allows you to safely store up to 13 cards and wear it around your neck like a lanyard. To use a card, just open the case and pick the one you need.

Holds Vaccine Cards

For patients with COVID-19 vaccination cards, finding a place to store them can be difficult. They are larger than normal sized credit cards and slightly too big for wallets. Having a vaccine card holder is a great way for patients to avoid tears on their important document. 

Hospitals can increase the efficiency of their operations with various different badge holders. Explore all the options at Specialist ID today!
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