hospital worker using a badge reel during work

Badge Reel Hacks for the Busy Hospital Employee

Day in and day out, hospital employees work tirelessly to treat their patients and save lives. From registered nurses to surgeons, the dedication of individuals in the healthcare industry should not go unnoticed. Badge reels are a great and easy way for these workers to continue working without worrying about where their most essential tools are. Their retractable designs and customizable options provide a convenient and secure solution for displaying credentials, keys, and more. Here are three badge reel products with unique hacks that will make the lives of busy hospital employees easier.

3 Best Badge Reels for Hospital Employees

1. Custom-Printed Retractable Badge Reels 

Our Custom Retractable Badge Reels allow healthcare professionals to keep their credentials secure while showcasing a design that shows off their personality and values. They can upload their favorite graphic or logo or use our online designer tool. Custom badge reels can be printed in full color, allowing hospital employees to look and feel like the vibrant professionals they are.

In addition to these limitless design opportunities, our custom badge reels are heavy-duty and made to withstand 100,000 retractable pulls. This should ease the stress of employees constantly showing and scanning their credentials. In addition, it can retract up to 34’’ in length! 

Hack #1: Hospital employees can clip their badge reels to other personal items besides their clothes. Our wide range of clip types can connect to backpacks, utility belts, purses, and more. This variety of options allows workers to access their most important tools wherever they feel comfortable and secure.

custom printed retractable badge reel with belt clip

2. Badge Reel Lanyard Combo 

One of our best-selling badge reel products is the Badge Reel Lanyard Combo. Combining the convenience of a badge reel and the ease of a lanyard, this product allows healthcare workers to wear IDs around their necks. In addition, this combo increases visibility and decreases the risk of losing essential items. It is meant for employees to keep their essentials in plain sight at all times!

Hack #2: Scan and swipe easily using this Badge Reel Lanyard Combo. Its retractability allows employees to enter hospital checkpoints without taking the lanyard off their necks. If the situation calls for it, the retractable lanyard combo includes an efficient snap-in feature that can be removed.

retractable lanyard with badge reel

3. Pen Holder 

Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals constantly search for a pen to write on important documents, take notes, and turn in prescriptions. The Retractable Pen Holder clips onto scrubs, lab coats, and everything in between. It can hold any pen, marker, or pencil and is easily retractable for every written task.

Hack #3: The rubber cap at the top of the pen holder is where employees can snap their writing utensils into place. However, doctors and nurses don’t have to stick with just one pen or pencil. If the ink runs out or a different type of pencil or sharpie is necessary, employees can quickly unlock the attached tool and replace it with a new one. 

retractable pen holder with badge reel

Badge reels may seem simple, but they can significantly improve the daily tasks of hospital employees. Saving time locating one’s credentials or searching for a pen could give healthcare workers the ability to do what they love without stress. So head to the Specialist ID website to find the perfect badge reel product for you.

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