3 Badge Reels To Celebrate World Heart Day

3 Badge Reels To Celebrate World Heart Day

September 29 marks World Heart Day, an annual celebration that raises awareness of heart disease prevention. Healthcare professionals use this day to educate the public about cardiovascular diseases and how to take better care of our hearts. While the World Heart Federation does a great job on social media, there are many other ways to get involved. One idea is to celebrate World Heart Day with a new badge reel. 

Badge reels are a great way to keep your credentials close to your heart. Frequently worn by nurses and doctors, they can clip onto all garments and hold keys, ID cards, and more. At Specialist ID, we offer a variety of heart-shaped badge reels for healthcare professionals to celebrate World Heart Day with their patients and colleagues. 

Here are three badge reels to help you get involved with this important holiday.

1. Heart-Shaped EKG-Themed Badge Reel

An EKG (electrocardiogram) is a test many doctors use to check for signs of heart disease. During this process, electrodes are placed on the skin to record the electrical activity in the heart painlessly. These tests can help detect irregular heart rhythms and other cardiovascular diseases before symptoms become noticeable. 

Our Heart-Shaped EKG-Themed Badge Reel is an excellent way for healthcare workers to celebrate World Heart Day and promote heart health. It features a rotating spring clip and retractable cord that allow healthcare workers to pull their credentials easily. The 34’’ length cord is heavy-duty and rated for 100,000 pulls! 

Encourage your patients to get an EKG done by wearing this badge reel on your lab coat, bag, or belt. 



2. Patriotic Heart Flag Badge Reel

While World Heart Day raises global awareness of cardiovascular diseases, the United States is a hub for cardiovascular research. Organizations like The Cardiovascular Research Foundation and The John Hopkins Heart and Vascular Institute are paving the way for new, lifesaving treatments to be discovered. Our Patriotic Heart Flag Badge Reel is an accessory that will help you celebrate America’s efforts in healthcare. 

This badge reel’s design features the American flag in the shape of a heart. Emphasizing the nation’s values of freedom, it symbolizes patriotism that can clip onto any belt or badge holder. In addition, this product features durable materials that will keep your belongings safe at all times. 






3. Heart-Shaped Badge Reel With Rotating Spring Clip 

Do you want to keep things simple? If so, our Heart Shaped Badge Reel is the perfect fit for you. Three popular color options (red, white, and pink) and various convenient features keep these badge reels fun and comfortable to wear with badge buddies or lanyards. From its full 360-degree rotation to its versatility to be worn on scrubs, belts, and bags, it is an excellent choice for professionals who want to show their support in style. 






For more information on how to order your badge reels for World Heart Day, visit our website. Be sure to tag us on social media wearing your new heart accessories!

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