6 Special Birthday Gifts For The Nurses In Your Family

We recognize how hard the nurses in our families have worked for the last year and a half. They’ve supported their community in the hardest of times and we want to make sure we acknowledge their hard work. When their special day rolls around, treat them to something they will really be able to use!

Here are six special birthday gifts for the nurses in your family.

Polka Dot Lanyard

Get them something they’ll cherish in the form of a lanyard! This polka dot lanyard is a fun way to bring a little flair to nursing. The fabric is a sleek and soft material that comes in a handful of colors. It’s great for wearing your hospital ID or carrying around a few extra pairs of keys. It includes a hook and key ring so one can choose which best suits their needs. At the back of the lanyard is a breakaway clasp, which comes undone when pulled.


Stethoscope Tags

A super handy tool for nurses is a stethoscope ID tag. It attaches to their stethoscope so it can be easily identified. These tags perfectly fit cardiology stethoscopes. They won’t move or slide down when examining a patient.  

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Heavy Duty Key Ring

Having all the keys you need in one place is essential. Any nurse would appreciate a heavy duty key ring where they can hold up to 15 keys. The back has a belt loop that can be attached to your waistband or shirt pocket. The retractable cord is made of kevlar and pulls effortlessly

Heart Shaped Badge Reel

An alternative to a traditional lanyard is a badge reel. They can be attached to your shirt or scrubs to allow your hands freedom of movement. This EKG heart badge reel is great for a nurse who wants to wear their ID badge without getting tangled in a lanyard. The clip at the end attached to any badge with a hole in it. The swivel pulls in any direction so it can be pulled to swipe or scan any card.

Pin Badge Buddy

Oftentimes, nurses wear pins that represent their years of service and other accomplishments throughout their careers. Taking them on and off everyday can be tedious, so treat the nurse in your life with a pin badge buddy. This allows an ID to be layered on top of the badge buddy, which has re-made holes that fit up to seven pins. Loop a bulldog clip or any clasp through both the ID and the badge buddy so they are connected together. The pins can easily be changed out at any time and displayed for all to see.

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Mask Lanyard

Hospitals and medical offices remain places where face masks are mandatory. For nurses, this means they are wearing masks during their entire shift. For times they can safely remove their mask, they will find a face mask lanyard useful. The clips attach to the ear loops of a mask while the lanyard hangs behind the person wearing it. When the mask is removed, it will hang around the neck so it’s not at risk of getting lost or falling on the dirty floor.

All nurses deserve a special gift for their birthday! At Specialist ID, we are glad to supply you with thoughtful gifts they can use every day.

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