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Why Breakaway Lanyards Are a Must-Have For the Manufacturing Industry

Lanyards are usually overlooked when it comes to picking the equipment for your business. However, the lanyards you choose to use are more important than you think. Having an easy way to keep track of essential items is a must when your company uses ID cards, access passes, and similar credentials. Many businesses require you to display your ID badge at all times, which makes a lanyard another part of your work uniform. Breakaway lanyards, however, are far more suited to specific industries than non-breakaway lanyards.

Breakaway lanyards are designed to come apart when the lanyard is pulled on. The safety breakaway feature is designed with an anti-strangulation fitting that can be placed wherever the separation can be employed as part of a multi-break system. To better understand the necessity of a breakaway lanyard in certain industries, here is why workers in the manufacturing industry should have one.

breakaway lanyard

Lanyards Can Be A Safety Hazard
When you think about the situations in that lanyards might become a hazard, it becomes apparent they would be dangerous for those who work close to heavy machinery and large equipment. In the manufacturing industry, you are exposed to many moving parts and may have to bend or lean over open equipment to use or repair them. Physical safety is always a chief concern, especially in environments where anything that can get caught on exposed materials and trap your employee can cause injury, harm, or worse.


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Why Breakaway Lanyards?
There are many jobs where a lanyard may get caught on machinery or could be pulled on by another person. These jobs can become very dangerous if a lanyard is caught in the machinery and the employee cannot break free. So, in jobs such as these, breakaway lanyards help assure safety and avoid injuries. The breakaway release on a lanyard is an added safety feature that protects the individual wearing the lanyard by separating under pressure or physical stress.

They Are Also Convenient
Standard lanyards must be pulled over the head, where breakaway lanyards can be attached like a necklace and will hold your ID badge holder with ease. If employees are required to wear protective gear, like hard hats or eyewear, a breakaway lanyard can easily be put on regardless. In addition to having the breakaway safety feature, breakaway lanyards can be customized to offer more features. Wearing these lanyards without fear of a choking hazard can allow you to comfortably utilize them in various ways. You can add a retracting badge reel to swipe or scan your ID badge. You can also choose a breakaway lanyard with a belt clip or carabiner if you want to wear it somewhere other than around your neck. Easily customize your breakaway lanyard to suit your needs and you’ll never have to worry about safety risks or finding a replacement.

Specialist ID
At Specialist ID, we have over 60 breakaway lanyards to choose from and a wide range of colors, so you can always find what you need. With affordable prices and bulk order options, you and your team can have equipment that’s made with safety in mind.

Lanyards are a significant part of workplace safety. Visit the Specialist ID website and find a suitable breakaway lanyard today.

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