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5 Effective And Budget-friendly Badge Lanyards

Our simplest piece of equipment can be the one thing that makes or breaks the way we perform our job. From the right pair of shoes to the lanyard we use to hold our ID badges, we all need gear we can depend on to last throughout the day. To make sure you have something that will work as hard as you do, here are five badge lanyards that are durable and cost-effective.

Locking Retractable Badge Reel Lanyard

The Locking Retractable Badge Reel Lanyard is great for using a smart card that must stay in a reader without retracting. (This is popular with government agencies that need to access secure computer systems.) This retractable badge reel automatically locks when you extend it, and with a simple push of a button, the quick release allows you to snap it back in place. There is also a clear vinyl strap that's great for carrying IDs, badge holders, and multiple keys.

Black Locking Retractable Badge Reel Lanyard 2136-3521 2136-3521

Heavy Duty Breakaway Round Lanyard

Conveniently carry your keys, IDs, badge holders, and more with the Heavy Duty Breakaway Lanyard With Detachable Key Ring. It comes equipped with a diamond slider and a detachable split ring that lets you unbuckle your essentials quickly. The safety breakaway feature allows the lanyard to snap apart when snagged or snared and reattach afterward. This great product is available in five different color options, however, black is sold individually.

Black Heavy Duty Breakaway Round Lanyard With Detachable Key Ring (2135-454X) 2135-4541

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Dual-Sided EK Black Lanyard

The EK Black Detachable Lanyard with Dual-Sided Smart Card Holder is built to last with 100% nylon rope. The dual-sided card holder fits two standard credit card-sized IDs in one compartment. With the detachable buckle feature, you can easily remove your ID card holder from the lanyard and simply buckle it back on after use. This product contains no metal and can be used to pass through sensitive security systems, and users can swipe their cards through POS systems and other card readers.

EK Black Lanyard with Dual-Sided Smart Card Holder (10942) by EK USA 10942-Black

"No-Twist" Breakaway Lanyard

One of the most durable breakaway lanyards on the market is the Heavy Duty "No-Twist" Breakaway Lanyard w/ Slider. With the “No-Twist” plastic hook, your ID badge is guaranteed to stay facing forward no matter what. This breakaway lanyard comes in all black so it suits a professional environment and is also stylish enough for everyday use.

SPID Key-Bak SIDEKICK Heavy Duty Badge Reel Lanyard Combo

The SPID Key-Bak SIDEKICK Heavy Duty Badge Reel Lanyard Combo comes with an ID holder strap clip & key ring to support everything you may need for work. This durable yet lightweight breakaway lanyard combo can conveniently carry up to six keys or 4 ounces of badge gear and essential tools. This all-in-one solution keeps your ID badge and keys within reach for easy access to open door locks, swipe through access points, or be scanned. The retractable Sidekick badge reel has a "no twist" end notch to keep your credentials facing forward and prevent them from spinning when retracting or releasing.

SPID Key-Bak SIDEKICK Heavy Duty Badge Reel Lanyard Combo with ID Holder Strap Clip & Key Ring (SPID-9980) SPID-9980-BLACK

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