7 Creative Uses For Your Lanyard

7 Creative Uses For Your Lanyard

Every industry uses lanyards in one way or another. Healthcare workers, law enforcement, and school teachers wear lanyards around their necks to keep their most important tools close. Many think lanyards are only used to secure professional credentials, but there are many other creative ways to utilize them. 

1. Hold your concert and event tickets. 

Are you a music fan? Do you go to concerts and festivals? Then, you can keep your event tickets safe and secure by hanging them on a lanyard! Combining our Basic Lanyard with our Clear Vinyl Vertical Badge Holder allows you to store your tickets for easy access and scanning. Plus, you can keep your lanyard as a souvenir after the show! 


2. Carry your student ID.

Lanyards are often associated with holding IDs, but adults in their professional careers are not the only ones who need them. College students can carry their student badge buddies in lanyards. Not only does this help busy students keep track of their things, but it also helps professors identify them with ease. With some colleges changing the colors and designs of IDs every semester to differentiate grade years, lanyards can keep things simple for both sides of the classroom.



3. Make it a wedding favor. 

If you are planning a wedding, you may still be brainstorming what to give your guests as wedding favors. While chocolates and mini wine bottles remain popular “thank you” gifts, you could surprise your guests with fun, love-themed lanyards. Order a batch of our Custom Printed Lanyards and personalize them with your and your partner’s names and wedding date. You could even upload a photo to be printed on it! With a variety of end-fitting options to choose from, you could decide to attach almost anything to our lanyards. 


4. Keep health-related items close. 

There is a more significant emphasis on public health in today’s post-pandemic world. So keep your hand sanitizer and masks handy in a lanyard and badge holder. This can be especially useful if you go to the airport, ride in a taxi, or spend time in a crowded space. You could also include first-aid items in your badge holder, including band-aids and roller gauze. 


5. Create a tool belt. 

Did you know you could create a tool belt using a lanyard? Try looping a Heavy Duty Lanyard around each tool and clipping it onto your belt. This hands-free innovation will help you get the job done faster. 



6. Give away awards. 

If you work with children, you understand that positive reinforcement is necessary for the classroom. Teachers should consistently reward their younger students with fun awards and treats to encourage learning. A creative way to engage students is to make fun medals and awards. With various colors to choose from, you can begin a motivational program where a new star student gets to wear the lanyard weekly. Or, you can give each student a personalized lanyard with their name printed at the end of the year. 


7. Take your items on an outdoor adventure. 

Do you enjoy rock climbing or outdoor activities involving water or snow? Both professional athletes and recreational ones can keep their items safe and on hand. Our vinyl badge holders are waterproof and can be worn around one’s neck, a belt loop, or even a harness. 



Did we miss any creative ways to use lanyards? Let us know! If you’re feeling inspired, go to Specialist ID and pick the perfect lanyard for you.
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