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Employee ID Badge Policy: 3 Ways to Improve Enforcement

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Employee badge policies are an important part of security for every facility.
Sometimes, the badge you choose makes a difference in how quickly your team adapts to the standards.

Your ID badges should
  • Be durable, particularly for heavy-duty environments
  • Be comfortable enough to wear for long shifts
  • Be easy to access for all working functions
Lets look at some bade options that have made it very easy to enforce ID policy.
The function of this armband ID badge is simple, and you probably guessed it from the name. This is the perfect solution if your organization requires ID to be displayed at all times, because it will never get in the way of your employees operation. Please note that if employees are required to scan and swipe their cards, they may find it challenging to store them in their cards.

Vertical Armband Id Badge Holders With Hook And Loop Closure

This vertical armband ID badge with hook and loop closure makes it easy for military, manufacturing, and airport teams to display badges at all times. Not only that, it fits snug against the arm to prevent any dangerous snags.
Many facilities need their employees to carry ID at all times. This can become challenging to enforce, depending on the size and nature of the facility. However, if you offer a credential wallet that offers useful functions like pen loops and multi-card pockets, employees are happy to use them. This vinyl wallet has 5 pockets and a pen loop, all secured on an adjustable lanyard. The outside has large pockets on the front for your ID badges, and a hidden big pocket on the back for storing personal items like passports and credit cards.
These pockets make them perfect for conventions and trade shows.
Why is hard to enforce ID policies at conventions?
  • Conventions feel like a vacation
  • People are more relaxed than in military or medical fields
  • The stakes do not feel high
When you give people a convenient way to remember everything they need, they are likely to go along with your policy.
Make it easy to enforce policy for multiple badges with help from this secure mini wallet. Thieves cant skim info off cards in this wallet thanks to RFID blocking material. Cool aspects like this anti-skimming make people happy to adopt this wallet as part of the policy at your facility, or company. This wallet holds 4 standard credit card-sized cards, and theres a zippered compartment for cash, change and business cards.
Enforcing ID policy is easy for some situations and difficult for others. Specialist ID has offered ID solutions for endless teams of all sizes and kinds. Tell us your circumstances and facility/workplace nature, and we will offer advice. Contact us online to learn more.

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