3 Gifts To Give Your Favorite Barista For National Coffee Day

3 Gifts To Give Your Favorite Barista For National Coffee Day

From cold brews to hot lattes, baristas keep us happy and well-caffeinated by crafting our favorite beverages. Being a barista requires strong attention to detail and the ability to multitask in a fast-paced environment. Taking orders, interacting with customers, and making delicious drinks are just a few daily tasks completed during every shift. 

Our baristas deserve to feel appreciated. A great way to thank them for their hard work is by giving them a gift for National Coffee Day. On October 1, this holiday provides coffee lovers all over the country the chance to order a jumbo cup of their favorite brew and give back to the people who make their mornings better. 

Take it from the iconic character Lorelai Gilmore that coffee is something to be thankful for: “Everything in my life has something to do with coffee. I believe in a former life, I was coffee.” 

Want to celebrate National Coffee Day? Here are three gifts to give to your favorite barista on October 1. 

1. Retractable Badge Reel Pen Holder 

Baristas take orders every day. But, without a pen or sharpie, it can be challenging to keep track of milk preferences or write drink orders on cups. Gifting your favorite barista with our Retractable Badge Reel Pen Holder allows them to secure their favorite writing tool on their apron! The carabiner attachment keeps it securely fastened to your clothing or belt loops for quick access. Plus, the retracting cord accommodates baristas with all arm lengths to write quickly and stay organized. 

Can your barista swap out their writing utensils for this badge reel Pen Holder? The answer is yes! It features a rubber cap that can fit onto any medium-sized writing utensil. Your barista will be thankful for this gift during the busy morning shift. 




2. Armband Badge Holder

Does your barista need a hands-free way to display their work ID? If so, they will likely enjoy our various armband ID badge holders. This is a popular product for workers in active environments, and baristas are no exception. The job requires drinks to be made quickly and correctly. In addition, the use of espresso machines and bean grinders could cause other products like lanyards to snap off or snag. 

Armband ID badge holders can protect baristas’ credentials from getting lost or overheated. They are also easily accessible and scannable if necessary. We offer these badge holders in various sizes and colors to fit every type of ID imaginable. You could even choose an armband in your favorite coffee shop’s colors. 



3. Face Mask Lanyards

A big part of being a barista is interacting with customers. With winter approaching (as well as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic), our favorite coffee artists need to stay healthy and hygienic. Face Mask Lanyards keep face masks clean and close whenever baristas feel more comfortable wearing them. These lanyards use our Comfort Neck Straps that hold your mask at the center of your chest. In addition, it can hold mask straps or slot hole punch badge credentials. 

Our Face Mask Lanyards are convenient for baristas to wear on the job. They can also come with a variety of clips. From bulldog clips to J hooks, there is an attachment that works for everybody. 



Celebrate National Coffee Day by giving your favorite barista a gift that impacts their life, just like your favorite cup of joe. 


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