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4 Special Gifts For Doctors To Show Your Appreciation For Their Service

Doctors have worked more tirelessly than ever the past year, helping our country get through the pandemic and dealing with extreme stress and tragedy. What better time to give them something “just because”?

Whether it’s for a casual gift to show you’re thinking of them, or to commemorate years of service, a gift they can use everyday is a great way to show you care.

Here are four special gifts for doctors to show your appreciation for their service.

Multi Card-Holder

This two-sided, multi-card holder can be used as a badge holder or a case to carry extra cards. The rigid plastic outside protects cards from bending or chipping. It can hold up to three standard sized ID cards so you won’t misplace anything, and the pre-punched hole at the top allows you to clip it to a lanyard. This is a great gift for the doctor who has multiple cards they use everyday, like an ID, an access card, and a credit card.

Adjustable Length Lanyard

No one wants a lanyard that’s too long or too short. With an adjustable lanyard, the wearer can shorten the lanyard to their desired length. The wide plastic hook at the end does not twist or swivel, so the badge will stay facing out the entire day. It also has a breakaway clasp at the back which comes undone when pulled on. This safety feature allows the lanyard to break open instead of pulling on someone's neck if it gets caught on anything. There are many colors available that can match your hospital or medical office.

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Neck Wallet

If you know the doctor you are giving gifts to needs more space, consider getting them a neck badge holder lanyard wallet! This works like a lanyard, allowing you to wear and display your ID while also having pockets in which to store things. There are three compartments so you can organize all your items in one convenient space. The 4x3 window in the front fits the CDC vaccine card perfectly if needed, and the lanyard is adjustable so it can be fitted to the size that best suits the wearer.

Stethoscope ID Tags

One item you might not have thought of yet is a stethoscope tag! These handy tags attach to a stethoscope and can be used to identify your own medical tools. Other methods of identifying, like writing your name directly on the stethoscope, prove to be ineffective as it becomes hard to read and fades over time. An ID tag is easy to see and read. There is also a write-on surface where you can write your name, office number, and other important information. A sticker or label can be put on the tag if you want to easily interchange the name. 

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At Specialist ID, we know how much you appreciate the doctors in your community. These special gifts are sure to light up their faces every time they use them.

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