3 Great Gifts For Construction Workers

3 Great Gifts For Construction Workers

They build your homes, work on the roadways, and more—construction workers do tough, back-breaking work all year round. And finding the right gift to thank, celebrate, and appreciate them can be a challenge. 

We recommend focusing on how you can help your construction worker friends and family by providing useful gifts that make their demanding jobs easier. Check out these three products that will help your friends and family at the job site.

Heavy Duty Badge Reels

Heavy Duty Badge Reels are the best when it comes to dependable work equipment that is well suited for tough working conditions. While out in construction zones, construction workers need badge reels that will secure their ID badges. Though most construction jobs halt on rainy days, humid or muggy days can cause condensation, which can damage IDs and name badges. This badge reel comes with durable springs that allow the carrying of multiple items, including a waterproof case, keys, or multiple IDs—meaning ID and name badges will be safe, secure, and accessible along with any other tools or accessories are needed on the job. With a chrome outer frame made for rugged work environments, this product is sure to last!







Carabiner Badge Reel

The Carabiner Badge Reel is one of the most popular items for many reasons. It’s versatile and reliable, with a strong cord that is designed for thousands of pulls. This badge reel is also able to carry multiple IDs, which makes it super convenient for construction project managers, who require their regular driver’s license along with a work ID, access cards for closed worksites, and name badges. Users can simply attach the IDs, badges, and access cards to the vinyl badge holder, and secure the carabiner or clip it through their work belt loops. When the construction worker needs to access their badges, they can easily pull them out. Then, when finished showing their ID or badge, they can let it go, and the built-in cord will retract it back into place

At Specialist ID, we also have a sleeker modified design—the Key-Bak Carabiner Badge Reel with Key Ring is built to high-quality standards and expectations, while still being affordable.









Armband ID Holders

With Armband ID Holders workers are able to comfortably and securely carry their IDs or credentials on their arms at all times. Badge holders that attach to the upper body are helpful in achieving freedom of movement while displaying IDs. The clear vinyl cover keeps credentials clean and free from the dirt and grime of the workplace. A Reflective Armband adds visibility to the wearer and stores IDs in a visible location. When the weather changes or the sun begins to set, you’ll know that this armband will still be noticeable. In workplaces that have rigorous safety standards, such as factories or construction grounds, wearing more reflective material can be a huge safety benefit. The flash of light that reflects from the badge will signal to others that a person is walking by.







While these are the top three items we recommend for construction workers, there are a plethora of great and useful options. For a larger gift for the construction worker in your life, perhaps pairing something more expensive, like a warm jacket, with an Armband ID Card Holder will show your care. Or, in a warmer climate, pairing a Heavy Duty Badge Reel with a durable work belt is a better fit. For collectors, a cool construction worker keychain with a Key-Bak Carabiner Badge Reel may be the exact thing to show you care. These are just a few examples of ways that you can show your gratitude to the men and women that do the work that helps our civilization grow. 

Head over to Specialist ID and browse our variety of colors and quantity packs to treat the entire construction team!
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