4 Green Products to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

4 Green Products to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner, and we couldn’t be more excited! As we gear up for the big day, you might be searching for the perfect way to integrate your celebration in the workplace while remaining functional and identifiable. We’ve got you covered! Here at Specialist ID, we have a variety of products that will add a touch of St. Patrick's Day flair to your shifts. These products are not only fun and festive but also useful in your day-to-day routine. 

Let's get into the St. Patrick's Day spirit together with a little help from our favorites:

1. Badge Reel with Belt Clip

Our badge reel with belt clip is one of our top products! It can transport any identification throughout your day by easily attaching to your clothing. This month, try our green badge reel! It is the perfect way to subtly add a festive boost to your uniform while also remaining professional. Even better, this badge reel can be used for other events, like celebrating a favorite sports team, or even across the whole year if green is one of your favorite colors!



2. Custom-Printed Badge Buddy

If your badge buddy isn’t your bestie, you need our custom-printed badge buddy. These products are the perfect way to remain identifiable in the workplace while also having a bit of fun. Because they are customizable, this badge buddy allows you to add a personal flair to your existing identification (for St. Patrick’s Day, we recommend using the green background!). You can include up to two lines of text, including your job title or even a festive message. The best part? Depending on your customizations, this product is perfect for year-round use!



3. Face Mask Lanyard

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day shouldn’t mean putting yourself at risk of getting sick. If you’re heading to a large parade or gathering and want to bring your mask, our face mask lanyard is perfect. Just clip the mask onto the lanyard and throw it around your neck to be ready whenever you need it. Additionally, this lanyard is a fantastic option for anyone who works in healthcare. If you’re looking for a festive and stylish way to prevent transmitting illnesses from one patient to another, add this to your shift this month! 



4. Luggage Tag Holder

St. Patrick’s Day can be the perfect time for a getaway! There are thousands of celebrations all across the country (and the world!) where you can show up rocking our top products. Try our luggage tag holder for your upcoming trip! Available in a stunning shade of green, this product will help keep your belongings identifiable during your trip. Due to its rigid design, you can guarantee it will hold up to the hustle and bustle of travel, as well. If you aren’t traveling, try adding it to one of our lanyards and use it for identification!


Want to learn more about our products? Head to Specialist ID to shop our other lanyards, badge reels, ID holders, and more!
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