4 Red Products to Raise Awareness During National Heart Health Month

4 Red Products to Raise Awareness During National Heart Health Month

February marks National Heart Health Month, a time to raise awareness about heart disease and the steps we can take to remain healthy. Heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide, affecting millions. As a Specialist ID, we are committed to promoting heart health and raising awareness about the importance of heart disease prevention. 

To mark National Heart Health Month, we have a wide variety of red products to help bring attention to this cause. Join us in the fight against heart disease and support National Heart Health Month by incorporating these products into your daily routine.

1. Heart-Shaped EKG-Themed Badge Reel

A product that is perfect for this month is our heart-shaped EKG-themed badge reel. Popular with those who work in healthcare, this badge reel is not only heart-shaped but features an EKG symbol on the front. These exams are one of the screening measures used to determine an individual’s heart health, so it is fitting to highlight them during this month. This product is compatible with all clothing and features a retractable nylon cord for swipe access. If you work in healthcare, use this product to educate your patients on the benefits of heart testing and promote national heart health month this February!








2. Breakaway Lanyard ID Holder Badge Reel Combo

If badge reels aren’t your thing, we have many other styles of ID holders available. Our breakaway lanyard/ID holder/badge reel combo is perfect for healthcare professionals. This product is another fantastic means of transporting identification that is repeatedly verified and allows staff to swipe their credentials without detaching them from the cord. It combines the convenience of a badge reel with the functionality of a lanyard into one all-star product. This lanyard comes available in two striking shades of red to help you raise awareness for heart health in style this month. You can’t go without it!



3. Custom-Printed Badge Buddy Horizontal

One of our favorite ways to raise awareness for any cause is with our custom-printed badge buddy (horizontal). Badge buddies are essential to some fields of work, like the medical industry, to remain identifiable for patients and family members. Specialist ID offers customizable badge buddies for more specialized roles or simply for employees looking to give their credentials a glow-up. Our website allows you to choose your color and up to two lines of text to be printed onto the product, so you can take your identification to the next level. Order one with a heart health-themed slogan to bring awareness to the cause!



4. Vertical Armband ID Badge Holder

The best place to spread awareness for heart health is in the gym! Our vertical armband ID badge holder was made with movement in mind. Not only does this badge holder secure your gym or work credentials safely inside, but it is waterproof and sweat-wicking, so you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged during activity. Cardio is a fantastic way to promote heart health, so whether it is a work or gym ID, just insert your credentials, strap this on your arm, and get moving!



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